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Ryan Walters silent after Deer Creek Baseball Coach fired for burning students…

12:44 PM EDT on October 2, 2023

I guess Ryan Walters is still fine with coaches committing child abuse in Oklahoma public schools!

Just like he has with recent abuse incidents at Ringling, Kingfisher, Moore, etc., Ryan Walters has been dead silent following news reports that Deer Creek Public Schools fired high school baseball coach Roland Baza after players came home with second-degree burns on their hands.

Apparently, Coach Baza made players drag their knuckles across the Deer Creek baseball diamond, which thanks to Oklahoma’s scalding fall temperatures, was apparently hotter than a scalding cup of joe from the Harbor Mountain Coffee House. 

Here are details via KFOR:

The Deer Creek High School baseball coach in Edmond was removed this week after parents reported players suffering second-degree burns from dragging their knuckles on turf at practice.

Superintendent Jason Perez sent a letter apologizing to the family and players for the events that unfolded on September 26th.

The letter detailed how Head Coach Roland Baza would no longer serve as coach for Deerk Creek Baseball and that they would begin finding a new coach to replace him.

A number of parents reportedly told law enforcement about players who suffered second-degree burns after being forced to drag their knuckles across the turf at practice in the heat.

First of all, I think we can all admit it takes a special breed of pathetic high school baseball coach to intentionally burn his players’ hands at baseball practice.

As the famed Bucky Larange taught us, having functional arms and hands is a very important part of the game.

Seriously, what a moron! This would be like a soccer coach making his players walk over hot coals or a bed of nails after losing on penalty kicks! I’d hate to see some of the managing decisions this guy made during the actual games.   

“Coach. We’re down one in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and man on second. What should we do?”

“Let's steal third!"

As I mentioned, Oklahoma State School Superintendent Ryan Walters has been very silent on the matter. 

Although grandstanding on issues is his personal national pastime, and coaches and teachers physically and sexually abusing teens in Oklahoma high school athletics seems to be a widespread problem across the state, Ryan has apparently been more focused on non-existent culture war issues like ridding schools of Communism, library porn and bathroom kitty litter to apparently care. 

If only Coach Baza was also a drag queen or sharing QR codes to a library. Maybe then Ryan Walters would run to his little SUV, film a video about the matter, and show he cares.

Anyway, our thoughts go out to the Deer Creek baseball players who were injured in the incident. We hope their burn blisters heal and they can get back to holding their baseball bats without experiencing burning pain very soon. 

It will also be interesting to see what happens with Coach Baza. From what I hear, he’s already the favorite to be named the head baseball coach at Ringling. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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