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Ryan Walters defeats Communism, according to Ryan Walters…

11:01 AM EDT on September 28, 2023

We have bad news for Oklahoma teachers, members of the news media, Democrats, Moderate Republicans, and all other comrades who are apparently hard-core communists because they don’t share the psychotic right-wing political views of blowhards like Oklahoma State School Superintendent Ryan Walters.

According to Ryan Walters, Chinese Communist Party propaganda is no longer being taught to Oklahoma’s vulnerable youth, thanks to Ryan Walters.

A couple of days ago, Oklahoma’s Chode Boy in Chief released a new propaganda video claiming victory over the imaginary controversy he manufactured and created after the media reported Tulsa Public Schools canceled the contract of a Chinese language course the school provided through a Texas Charter School. 

Like most videos involving Ryan Walters, the video is full of lies, twisted truths and absolute falsehoods designed to either rally his simpleton base or piss off people with an IQ over 90.

Check out this propaganda:

Every time I have to write about a Ryan Walters video, I’m reminded of the Jonathan Swift quote – “Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it.”

This topic is a great example of it. 

Ryan Walters manufactured a controversy claiming that one of his favorite targets – the Tulsa Public School System – was teaching Communist propaganda to students in the classroom. 

The news media then looked into his claims and accurately clarified the truth – one school in the District was teaching a Chinese language course to students via curriculum provided by a Texas Charter School that apparently had connections to the Confucius Institute.

As a result of the controversy created by right-wing nuts and those loose connections, the District canceled the contract in August.

Ryan Walters then distorted the record, misrepresented what happened, and took credit for ridding schools of communism. Basically, he flew his propaganda to the next level, all while the truth fell further behind.

Good times, huh?

Right-wing propaganda aside, you do have to admire Ryan’s continued dedication to hypocrisy. 

He’s totally against a hostile foreign government trying to indoctrinate Oklahoma students with a foreign language course, but if authoritarian religious freaks who attempted a hostile overthrow of their own democratic government try to indoctrinate students with forced prayer, he’s all for it!

He’ll even give the religious freaks their pick of Chinese-made power tools, TVs and Pac-Man video game cabinets as rewards!

Call me a Communist, but I think we should aim to eliminate all hostile indoctrination – both foreign and domestic – from Oklahoma schools.

As always, we’ll continue to cover the Ryan Walters beat and keep you up-to-date on what the chode is up to. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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