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Oklahoma Judge goes on Austin Road Rage Rampage…

10:13 AM EDT on September 22, 2023

It’s time to swear the newest member of the Disgraced Oklahoma Judge Club!

This time around, the honoree is Judge Brian N. Lovell of Enid. 

He was recently arrested after going on a shooting rampage while driving around the congested streets of Austin, all before rear-ending a car that allegedly cut him off.

Here are some details via Law & Crime:

A state district court judge in Oklahoma found himself on the other side of the bench earlier this month after he allegedly fired multiple shots from his .40-caliber handgun into at least six parked cars while driving in Austin, Texas, and then allegedly got into a road rage altercation during which he is accused of twice ramming his SUV into a woman’s car in an attempt to push the vehicle into oncoming traffic.

Brian Noel Lovett was taken into custody on Sept. 11 and charged with one count of deadly conduct — discharge of a firearm, a third-degree felony, and one count of misdemeanor reckless driving,

That’s some scary stuff, but – as we always like to mention any time a judge in Oklahoma is caught doing something moronic, stupid or illegal, which is quite often – at least he wasn’t using a penis pump in the courtroom!

Here are more details about what went down:

Officers with the Austin Police Department at about 4:09 p.m. on Sept. 11 responded to a “shots fired” call at the intersection of Matamoros Street and Santa Maria Street…

While police were still investigating the shots fired call, another 911 call came in at about 5:27 p.m. regarding a “crash urgent” at another intersection located approximately 1.7 miles from the first call. One of the vehicles involved was a white SUV with Oklahoma license plates being driven by a white male who matched the description witnesses gave about the previous call. The driver was identified as Brian Noel Lovell, police said...

“Based on video evidence of the collision, an independent witness, and the victim of the collision, it is believed that Lovell intentionally struck the other vehicle involved in the collision and engaged in a verbal argument with the other driver,” the affidavit states.

Geeze, I’ve had friends tell me that Austin’s legendary traffic was enough to drive a man insane, but I never thought they were being literal! Judge Lovell really needs to stay in his lane and stick with driving down Owen L. Garriot!

That being said, if you are an Oklahoma judge who’s about to lose your mind, can you please make sure to follow Judge Lovell’s lead and do it in Austin? Also, bring back some good BBQ while you're at it.

For what it’s worth, Judge Lovell’s colleagues in the Garfield County Courthouse are shocked that he went full Grand Theft Auto while on vacation. 

Via The Enid News & Eagle:

District Judge Paul Woodward said he was shocked by the situation.

“Brian Lovell has been a very good friend and colleague for years, and this is all hard to believe,” Woodward said. “So, we are waiting for more information and are not jumping to any conclusions. I wish I knew what happened but I do not.”

I hope Judge Woodward shows the same restraint when presiding over cases involving Enid residents who may have lost their minds and done something stupid, but – knowing what we know about Oklahoma judges – something tells me he doesn’t. 

Anyway, we'll continue to follow this story, and other ones involving bad Oklahoma judges, and provide any updates.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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