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Ryan Walters unleashes new Propaganda Chief…

We’d like to extend a big happy TLO welcome to Dan Isett – the new Minister of Propaganda for Ryan Langston-Walter and the Oklahoma Department of Education.

Dan replaces Walter’s former PR flack Justin Holcomb – the CC-all email freak who was cast out to sea after failing to get Ryan a speaker slot at CPAC.

For the most part, Dan has all the qualities and attributes Ryan looks for when adding people to the department’s inner circle. He is white, hails from Austin, and has a long and proud history fighting on the side of Evangelical radicals in today’s culture wars!

In fact, that history dates all the way back to when Dan was the Director of Public Policy for the Parents Television & Media Council – a renowned group of conservative cancel culture wokes who worked tirelessly to warn parents about naughty TV programming that didn’t conform to their narrow definition of Christian family values.

After leaving the group that tried its best to cancel Family Guy – which I would bet $10 is Ryan's favorite TV show – Dan has hopped around to various PR and Communications flack gigs in Texas, which probably explains why he doesn’t mind moving to Oklahoma and helping destroy our state’s public education system.

I wonder if that got brought up in any interviews?

“So, I see here you have lived and worked in Texas for the last eight years, and were even the Executive Director for the Texas Home School Coalition. I take it you have no problem helping sabotage and destroy the Oklahoma public school system from the inside?”

“Not at all, sir. I actually look forward to it.”

“Nice! When can you start, and what’s your favorite Taylor Swift song?”

Dan hasn’t wasted any time getting settled in and doing Ryan’s dirty work. In fact, he's already making enemies with the local press, especially if they’re black!

For example, he’s officially banned the Black Wall Street Times – the left-wing, black-owned media outlet up in Tulsa – from submitting interview requests with Ryan Walters due to a constant stream of online criticism by the paper’s Editor in Chief:

When asked for an interview with Supt. Walters, Isett responded by pointing to a series of social media posts made by Black Wall Street Times editor-in-chief Nehemiah Frank on his personal X account.

“I just wanted to make sure that I saw correctly that your editor in chief had called for “major protests” at OSDE and, in another message on X, called Superintendent Walters “trash” attempting to “convince your children that white supremacy was a good thing,” Isett responded…

This reporter responded again, explaining that a co-worker’s personal political beliefs don’t dictate a news story.

In response, Isett said interview requests from reporters for The Black Wall Street Times will no longer be accepted. Essentially, OSDE now bans this publication from giving readers the ability to hold their leaders accountable.

That’s weird. Ryan loves taking on the wokes – and saying racist things into a microphone – to rally his voter base and increase his right-wing brand appeal, so you’d think he’d totally jump at the opportunity to be interviewed in the Black Wall Street Times and say something racist and stupid.

Here’s what Dan had to say about it on Twitter:

First of all, isn’t it weird to punish someone for saying out loud what everyone is thinking? This would be like Kevin Stitt banning a reporter for saying the governor doesn't trim his eyebrows.

Secondly, considering I’ve called Ryan a “lying chode,” “massive turd flaming dillhole” and other choice words over the past couple of years, I assume we're banned from interviewing him, too. That’s a shame, because I’d really like to get Ryan’s thoughts on his favorite items at the Harbor Mountain Coffee Shop. Maybe Dan-O can ask him for me and let me know off-record?

Anyway, we’d once again like to welcome Dan back to Oklahoma, and wish him the best of luck in spreading right-wing propaganda, misinformation and other falsehoods in a calculated effort to dually sabotage public education and boost the name recognition and standing of our nut job state school Superintendent in white supremacy circles, all while on the taxpayers' dime.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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