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Report: Ryan Walters is still a lying chode…

10:29 AM EDT on September 1, 2022

Ryan Walters – one of our state's great morons and political grifters, and an emblematic example of why Oklahoma is one of the worst states in the country to call home and raise a family – continues to lie and gaffe his way to being elected our new State Superintendant of Public Education.

Yesterday morning, he pandered to the mouth-breathing dog groomers of the world by issuing a statement about the Norman teacher who resigned after she was reprimanded for sharing a QR code to a library.

Naturally, his statement began with a huge, fat, giant lie...

Yep, it's official – giving students access to a QR code where they can read books equals "Sexualizing" the classroom... says the guy who developed such a close "relationship" with a female teacher at McAlester High School that it drove his wife to be a regular customer at the Harbor Mountain Coffee House.

If you read the actual letter, you'll notice that it begins with a blatant lie and falsehood by claiming the teacher at the center of the Norman controversy was fired, when in fact, she resigned. He then followed that up with another lie that she provided access to pornographic material, when all she really did was provide access to an online public library.

Even though we live in an age where facts no longer matter, and most Oklahoma voters – especially the culture warriors who support for Walters – unequivocally worship a right-wing oranged-faced serial liar, Walters issued an "updated letter" to set the record straight:

Yep, that's right. The long-faced dude who...

A) Isn't responsible enough to pay his speeding tickets...

B) Hired a pedophile to be his campaign manager...

C) Oversaw a shady program that allowed parents to use Federal education funds to buy power tools, TVs, and Pac-Man video game cabinets, and

D) Wants to sabotage and destroy public education in Oklahoma from the inside...

Claims it's an English teacher who shared a QR code to an online library that's bringing harm and shame to the teaching profession.

By that rationale, I guess the guy who wants to reject all federal funding to cash-strapped Oklahoma public schools is a hero...

What a great idea! Cutting off federal funds that pay for things like free lunches for poor kids will really show the wokesters who's boss!

If that sounds like a bad idea, Ryan has a good excuse – I think his ultra-tight blue jeans were cutting off blood flow to his simpletonistic brain, making him accidentally reveal his puppet masters' plans for cutting off education funding to the state! Oops!

Seriously, give that man a school voucher credit card and send him to Kohls immediately! That skin-tight denim also caused him to reveal his plan to force even more Oklahoma teachers out of the classroom:

I know Ryan likes to moonlight as a playboy who's always on the prowl for hot babes, and wants to show them his pulsating glutes, but it's hard to take his claim that "sexualization of our classrooms won't be tolerated" too seriously when it looks like he's trying to pick up a cheerleader like a football coach.

Anyway, Ryan Walters is the content mill that keeps on giving, so it will be interesting to see what other lies, falsehoods and stupid statements he makes as the November election grows closer. And if you think that ride will be fun and infuriating, just wait until he's elected! It will be Barresi all over again, only with less blood flow to the brain.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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