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Good Boy: Homemade Dog Treats at Barking Dog Bakery     

1:27 PM EDT on August 7, 2023

Over the past few years, I have been meaning to go to Barking Dog Bakery, 2038 NW 30th, to get some homemade dog treats for my wonderful canine companion Sean…but, as usual, life happened, including a massive stroke that left me paralyzed for a few months. Yikes!

Now that I'm remarkably better, I recently stopped by to stock up on homemade biscuits and cookies, tasty chews, and other dried animal parts to treat my best friend, giving him solace from the tired corporate Milk Bones that are usually dumped in his bowl.

So for Sean…here you go, boy!

Once located in a shopping center near May and Britton, Barking Dog Bakery sits quietly at the southeast corner of NW 30th and Penn, in an unassuming former house just a bones throw away from the busy intersection.

Inside you'll usually find dog-chef/owner Sherri Lanier busy in the kitchen whipping up homemade treats, or packing a box full of decorated birthday biscuits for some salivating pet. It's a small homey place with the feel of a critter abode, and much more welcoming and calm than some boring chain.

Different styles of doggie jerky, chewable pig ears, and a large supply of bully-sticks line the shop's walls, as well as many homemade flavored cookies and baked treats, including their mouth-watering pizza-flavored snacks.

Well, at least I assume they're mouth-watering.

With canine-approved frosting, the cakes looked especially glorious. I could feel Sean and his wet nose sniffing them through the door, so, of course, I got him a small variety of peanut butter cakey-bits and other sweets for him to try.

Though I was a little blinded by the number of larger dried treats on the tabletop near the register, I grabbed about three or four for Sean to snack on later. With my bill coming to around 25 dollars, I was satisfied and, even better, I knew Sean would be satisfied too.

Later at home, Sean was more than impressed with his bounty.

As he gnawed on the rough stick of fleshy meat, he gave a sly smile to me, more than excited, and more than impressed. Wanting more, Barking Dog Bakery is truly appointment treats and eats for truly great dogs.

Once more...good boy!


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