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Future Serial Killer arrested following Petland killing spree

Last week, the entire Oklahoma City metro found itself collectively outraged after OKCPD shared a photo of a couple who waltzed into the Petland on N. Penn and left a path of dead innocent little animals in their wake. 

The story was pretty disturbing.

According to police, the man could be seen on video strangling a bunny and then snapping the neck of a parakeet. He also apparently stole a gerbil and guinea pig. The gerbil was found stomped to death in the parking lot, while the guinea pig would later turn up dead at an Edmond park. 

Not too long after the photos were shared, OKCPD quickly took them offline and announced they had a suspect.

His name is Christopher Jameson, and the future serial killer / US Senator from Oklahoma turned himself in on Saturday:

Even though I, like most hypocrites, financially support the factory farming industry, I have no sympathy for creeps who are cruel to animals. In a perfect world, Christopher would do jail time, but as I mention frequently on this site, Oklahoma is far from perfect. 

With the way things go around here, I wouldn’t be surprised if State Rep. Justin Humphrey – the famed animal abuse proponent from Lane – tries to turn Christoper into the animal cruelty version of Kyle Rittinghouse. You know, an innocent kid who did nothing more than rid this planet of some pesky rodents and an annoying bird, and as a result, is now a target of the woke left.

According to media reports, the woman with Christopher was allegedly unaware he was a psychotic animal killer until she saw the photo going around on social media, which is probably a shitty thing to find out following a Tinder date:

The female told police she didn't know the animals were killed until she saw the post on social media, the report said.

The report also said the suspect reached into the cage of a parakeet before later stealing a hamster and guinea pig.

The bunny and parakeet were found dead in their cages, and the hamster was found dead in the parking lot.

The guinea pig was considered missing until Edmond Police said security footage at Mitch Park showed the same two people walking into a bathroom with it. The female told police she didn't know the guinea pig was dead until she tried to help it after it was not moving. Its remains were later found outside that bathroom.

Not surprisingly, Christopher seems to have a thing for animal violence. I found his Twitter account and his last tweet was literally a dog eating a bird:

According to the Blue Dotter, he is also the son of an OKCPD cop:

When you consider his dad is a cop, that is actually a pretty fast turnaround. Way to go, OKCPD!

As PETA explains, animal cruelty is generally a precursor to violent acts regarding humans, so, in a strange way, maybe it’s good for both Christopher and any potential human victims that he was caught. Hopefully, he’ll get the mental health treatment he obviously needs to prevent more carnage. 

Yeah right. He’ll probably just move out to the country and spend his days squashing frogs, killing squirrels, and getting rich in the cockfighting industry. 

Anyway, we’ll continue to follow this story and provide any updates as we see fit. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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