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State Rep arrested for public intox after refusing to leave bar after 2am…

10:21 AM EDT on March 24, 2023

Maybe it’s time we impose a curfew for Oklahoma lawmakers in Bricktown?

Oklahoma lawmaker Dean Davis – a State Rep from the radioactive wasteland of Broken Arrow – was arrested late Thursday night on public intoxication charges in Bricktown after he refused to leave the Skinny Slims patio after 2am.

It’s the second time Davis has been arrested on alcohol-related charges while serving as a state representative, with the first being a DUI charge in 2019. The mugshots from both arrests look similar.  

2019 DUI Arrest
2023 Arrest

According to a police report we obtained from OKCPD, Davis and another lawmaker – many are speculating it was his BFF State Rep. TJ Marti – were drinking on the Skinny Slims patio after 2am when they were approached by OKCPD officer Timothy Brewer and given a “lawful command to leave.” 

The group apparently ignored Brewer's request and Dean became an argumentative dick. He refused a couple of other requests from Brewer to put down his drink and – much like his 2019 DUI arrest – tried to intimidate the cop by playing a game of “Do You Know Who I Am?”

It didn’t work, and Dean was arrested. Here’s the full report:

I guess Dean eventually sobered up in the drunk tank, was released, and made the walk of shame home. He then quickly showered, popped a couple of Tylenol, and stumbled into work hungover where he “disputed” any wrongdoing. He also apologized to his house colleagues for being a drunk belligerent embarrassment to them and the people he represents.

Or something like that. 

First of all, I think we can all admit there’s almost nothing worse than having to sit through a day of long meetings at work while hungover from the night before. I probably would have called in sick with “food poisoning,” but then again, I also wasn’t trying to salvage whatever is left of my political career. 

Second, who do you believe in this case? The lawmaker with a documented history of alcohol abuse who has attempted in the past to get special treatment from law enforcement over his drunken bad decisions, or the sober cop who was simply doing his job and made the decision to arrest that lawmaker?

Anyway, I – along with, I assume, the rest of the local media – went ahead and put in a request for any bodycam footage from the incident so we can see what really happened.  

UPDATE: It arrived in the Ogle in-box shortly after publication...

Until then, stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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