“I am embarrassed by this situation and deeply sorry to my family, community, and colleagues. There are aspects of this matter I intend to address in court, but I understand the very appearance of impropriety is unacceptable, and apologize for putting myself in this position. My role as a legislator carries the responsibly to lead by example, and in this case, I should have done better in that regard. I will ensure this does not happen again while working through the due process of the justice system.” – Rep. Dean Davis, R-Broken Arrow

Yeah, the guy who isn't responsible enough to catch the wrong use of "responsibly" when proofing* his statement to the media will not let this happen again. Basically, he's a good person to select in your next "Who Will Be The Next Oklahoma Lawmaker to Assault an Uber Driver" Fantasy Pool!

* TLO Typo Hypocrisy Disclaimer