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Jon Stewart chews out Nathan Dahm…

As a guy who's been covering Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm since 2014 when he appeared on some website's kind-of-accurate-in-hindsight-ranking of 25 Young Oklahoma Politicos to Watch, I've learned it's pretty easy to make the guy look like a moronic fool. 

All you have to do is write about one of the many stupid bills he’s introduced over the years, publish one of the many moronic things he’s said over the years, or simply share one of the many cheesy engagement photos he’s taken over the years, and before you can put on a sweater and smile, your job is done for you. 

I guess the national satirical media is figuring this out, too.

Jon Stewart – former host of The Daily Show turned fledgling Apple TV content creator – undressed a limelight-loving Dahm with some liberal logic and reason during a recent interview for his new show The Problem.

Even though nothing productive will come from the interview and it only serves as a boost to Dahm’s national profile, it’s kind of fun to see Nathan and his warped right-wing hypocrisies and double standards get exposed on the national level.

Check it out:

Once again, although the interview will only help elevate and promote Dahm’s profile in conservative circles and score him some national speaking gigs, it is fun to watch one of state's great Derplahomans get owned in a battle of wits with an angry liberal political commentator.

Outside of Jon telling Nathan he's developed an immunity to iocane powder while Nathan laughs, it literally couldn't have gone better.

I just wish Jon would have brought up Nathan’s quest to infringe on the rights of demented paper straw suckers as one of his "Boo-Yah" hypocrisy points. Oh well.

Anyway, if you’re into that “You’re Right” type of stuff, I guess you can watch the full interview on Apple TV. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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