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News 9 splices in Yule Log footage while covering commercial fire…

11:50 AM EST on December 19, 2022

On Thursday morning, I was returning from a morning latte trip when I noticed a billowing plume of black smoke spewing from the horizon of my neighborhood. 

Since I occasionally like to moonlight as a hard-hitting journalist – and thinking I could maybe sneak my way onto News 9 again – I made my way to the scene to snap a couple of photos for social media and hopefully catch a live cat rescue or something that could go viral. 

Check out this hard-hitting news report:

With my photos shared and my latte growing cold, I then went home and got to work writing about Kevin Stitt’s mysterious World Cup getaway. Good times. 

News 9, on the other hand, made sure their breaking news team stayed on the scene and on the story. They provided a live view of the fire, footage from one of their sky cams, and, curiously, earlier footage of a yule log burning bright.  

Via the OKC Reddit:

I love covering local news bloopers and that’s a pretty good one. It’s nice to know the automated robots that produce News 9 content have a jolly sense of humor. 

That being said, wouldn’t it have been better to splice in b-roll footage of a previous fire than a yule log? 

I know it’s the holiday season and everything, but I’m sure News 9 had plenty of stock fire footage available and I seriously doubt News 9 viewers would have noticed the difference. 

Then again, maybe News 9 is implying an out-of-control yule log is what created a blaze? That would be interesting. You’d think that’s something they’d highlight and exploit for cheap clicks, but they’re also the same station that ignored their own viral coverage of the sex toy spill, so who knows? 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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