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News 9 airs historic gaffe-filled broadcast from new downtown OKC studios!

It included three full minutes of a silent Dean Blevins staring blankly into the cameras...

After months of hype and crane collapses, KWTV News 9 aired their first 10pm news broadcast last night from their new studios at 100 W. Main in downtown Oklahoma City. 

Although they have a new clean, shiny, well-lit set, it was basically your typical Oklahoma news broadcast. They even led with the standard Oklahoma local news trope of the weatherman hyping a mild winter storm.

Here’s Dean Blevins’s creepy, stalkerish footage of it:

In full disclosure, I missed the historic broadcast. By 10pm, I was sound asleep in my recliner, recovering from a long weekend spent with my four-year-old daughter in the DFW area for a cousin’s birthday. 

That’s a bit of a bummer, because according to the Ogle Mole Network, I missed quite a historic shit show as the night progressed!

According to our Moles, the News 9 Sports Blitz was marred by gaffes and technical difficulties that left Dean Blevins quietly smiling into the camera for a couple of minutes like it was a mirror at Logsdon’s Hair Salon. 

Here’s a quick snippet that I found on Twitter:

That’s funny. Ever since he hung up the cleats, basketball sneakers, and sorority girl bra collection, Dean Blevins has probably dreamed of the day he gets to save a broadcast from massive technical difficulties. 

Knowing that, you have to admit it’s a bit disappointing that he just stared into the camera, smiled, and nodded like it was a waitress at the Interurban. You’d think he’d have the awareness to pull out his phone and call Barry Switzer or something!

Then again, I guess it’s also a relief that he didn’t urinate or defecate in his pants. Although that would have been funny, it would have also marred such a historic night in downtown OKC.  

Since I was asleep during last night's historic broadcast, I asked some Moles to break down exactly what happened.

Here are their reports:

Maybe I’m new, but you’d think News 9 would test out some of this stuff before their first big live broadcast. Then again, they are “Oklahoma’s Own,” so we can’t be too surprised that just like most Oklahomans, they figured it would be nice to roll the dice and wing it. 

Anyway, I guess I’m going to set up the DVR to record News 9’s upcoming broadcasts so I won’t miss out on any future on-air gaffes and mishaps. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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