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News 9 finds handsome “Ingrid’s Regular” to discuss restaurant’s closing…

For the second time in 11 months, Ingrid's Kitchen – the venerable German restaurant, bakery, and bar nestled at the corner of NW 36th and Youngs – is closing its doors, this time probably for good.

Just like when the eatery was shut down by the Oklahoma Tax Commission last September, news of the closure sizzled through social media like a hot schnitzel fresh out of the fryer, shaking all foodies, carb-lovers, and meat-sweaters who enjoyed the restaurant's delicious take on German foods and desserts.

I was leaving Penn Square Mall with my daughter when I heard the news via a text message from Louis, so I decided to scope out the scene with my own eyes. At the very least, I figured I could record another breaking news video just like I did 10 months ago. Remember that?

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, rising News 9 reporter Feliz Romero was already on the scene and on the story. I knew at that point a live vlog was out of the question, but I figured I'd hop out of my car, take a couple of quick pics for an article, and then head home to play with some brand new, over-priced Sonic the Hedgehog toys.

But before you could say "Stop it Dean or I'm going to call HR!," Felize was quickly approaching, asking the typical probing questions news reporters ask before they pop the big one –"Would you mind answering a couple of questions on camera?"

As a guy who has spent a third of my life trolling the local news media and loves going undercover, it was an opportunity I just couldn't resist. This was the result:

That... is... awesome! From this day forward, I would like to be known as Patrick Riley – Ingrid's Regular.

It sure beats Patrick Riley – Crime Victim...

Although she didn't compliment my intelligence like ole' Gan Matthews, I think I liked this recent dalliance with News 9 fame better than that time from 1999. I expect Feliz's report to win numerous Emmy's.

As one Twitter person pointed out, the interview was equal parts "Heartfelt pain of losing Ingrids" and "Hey, wouldn't it be kind of fun to sneak on News 9?" It's kind of like what happened when I snuck on "Sweet Home Oklahoma" while drinking beer at another local sausage parlor– Fassler Hall.

Wow. I look like a different person! It's almost like I've stopped eating everything in sight and lost 40 pounds or so! Hmmn. Maybe that explains why Ingrid's had to close?

Anyway, you can read my other heartfelt thoughts on Ingrid's Kitchen by reading this article I wrote 10 months ago after they closed the first time.

Also, if anyone knows a new place for me to get Reuben sandwiches, let me know in the comments.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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