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Crossroads Mall gets yet another lease on life…

For everyone who spent their allowance playing arcade games at Bally's LeMans, bought posters of scantily-clad women at Spencer’s Gifts, and plucked nickels out of the fountain to buy gumballs, I've got some great news: Crossroads Mall is reopening!

Earlier this week, news came out that the section of the mall formerly occupied by Dillard's is actively being converted into the Crossroads Convention Center, a "performance and event venue" according to their Facebook page.

The Crossroads Convention Center plans to make all three levels of the old Dillard's available for "conventions, trainings, seminars, convention, trade shows, large mainstream artists and comedians in concert, weddings, parties!" Whether you're hosting conventions or just a convention, they can accommodate your needs...

While it doesn't sound like Orange Julius is coming back, one new space opening in the mall is "Photo Sesh," a "15,000 square foot selfie/video experience."

In a video posted to the Crossroads Convention Center's Facebook page, Chronic Brands representative and co-founder of ROKU's ChronicTV Carri Lawrence explained that space at Photo Sesh can be rented by the hour and will feature multiple experiences and backdrops for taking selfies and videos. Lawrence assures viewers that the space will be "extra dope" and full of "all kinds of cool shit" for all the Chronic Cuties.

Oh, about that--Photo Sesh will also be the home of Chronic Studios and Chronic TV, two subsets of Chronic Brands. Crossroads Convention Center's website points back to ChronicBrands.Live, an umbrella company that encompasses multiple endeavors including Chronic Grudge, Chronic Palooza, Chronic Printing, Chronic Security, Chronic Candles, and Chronic DNA. "The importance of knowing your Chronic DNA will ensure that you are getting a precise and accurate assessment of how to medicate your body properly." Things have changed since I was in high school.

For all you squares, not all of the mall's stores will be chronic-themed. Pending tenants in the mall include Ragin Cajun, Old Town Mercantile, Captain Kirk’s Freeze Dried Foods and Candies, Illusiones Reales Bridal Shop, and Heat 4 Ya Feet. No word as to whether Eastern Treasures will be returning, which will be a real shame if they don't as I was hoping to get my seven-year-old nephew some Chinese throwing stars for his upcoming birthday.

Back in January, KFOR reported that the mall's former JC Penney store is being converted into a two-story Asian market, complete with a food court. Crossroads Convention Center recently announced that most of the mall's restaurant locations have already been claimed.

While none of this sounds like the Crossroads Mall I remember from my youth, I'm glad to hear someone is breathing some life into that 1.2 million square foot monstrosity I spent so much time hanging out at. Crossroads Convention Center is scheduled to open in the late summer/early fall of this year.

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