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Rotten Onion Spill Wreaks Havoc On Northeastern Oklahoma…

8:36 AM EDT on June 13, 2022

Here's a story that will make you cry.

Over the weekend, a truck that I believe was being driven by NCAA basketball analyst Bill Raftery lost its load and spewed hundreds of rotten onions all over State Highway 69 near Miam-uh.

Here are details via News on 6:

Miami Police said a truck carrying rotten onions lost its load on Highway 69 just west of the city.

A viewer named Gary Crow sent us these pictures of the onions in the middle of the highway.

Police said the roads became slick after vehicles drove over the onions.

Officers said the truck spread onions for miles before the driver noticed. Thankfully no one was hurt.

No one was hurt? Tell that to the motorists who had to dodge high-velocity rotten onions being tossed their way like bananas in Mario Kart! They're going to smell like Nic's for weeks!

On that note, it's a shame those onions were rotten, otherwise local officials could have used the accident as an opportunity to cook roadside onion burgers on the scorching pavement – an Oklahoma tradition that I believe dates back to the Great Depression.

Also, why was a truck carrying a giant load of rotten onions in the first place? Something smell funny about that.

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