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Did Kelly Ogle hide a snake inside the News 9 studios???

I hate to push unfounded conspiracy theories on this website, but is anyone else thinking Kelly Ogle may have planted a snake in the News 9 studios yesterday?

The theory would make sense.

From what I hear, Kelly Ogle is still kind of bitter over his forced departure from the News 9 anchor desk and News 9 did find a snake in their studio yesterday. What other proof do we need?

A quick note to all the white-tailed deer, elk, turkey, pheasant, boars, black bears, coyotes, and possums out there living the good life in the Oklahoma wilderness. If you ever see Lacey Swope slowly trodding her way through the woods in a bright orange vest while holding a bow and arrow, throw a snake at her and run away fast!

Seriously, for being the Jim Shockey of the OKC weather scene, you'd think Lacey would have at least held the snake and played with it. She probably collects and eats snake eggs for breakfast when she goes on survival training expeditions in Broken Bow, but for some reason, she wanted as much to do with that snake as Dean Belvins does the News 9 employee handbook.

That's where my Kelly Ogle theory comes into play. I wonder if Lacey knew there was something suspicious about the snake just happening to wander into the studios to get away from the rain, and used her hunting instincts to stay away. Perhaps she also thought the snake was planted by Kelly. All the circumstantial evidence points to him. For example...

1. Kelly was a well-known snake charming in college

2. Kelly's been known to lace his steel blade – Twocentor – with snake venom before battling enemy news anchors.

3. His hair kind of looks like a lot of baby snakes.

Then again, maybe I'm just being paranoid here. Maybe the snake really did slither his way into the studio to get away from the rain, and Lacey didn't want to touch it because she didn't want to cut off the sleaves on her dress.

Anyway, I guess we'll continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as they arise. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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