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Lost Ogle Show: The Case for the Turnpike w/ OTA Deputy Director Joe Echelle

We were honored and happy to recently welcome Joe Echelle – the Deputy Director of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority – to The Lost Ogle Show presented by Starry Solar to talk about the controversial turnpike expansion that will cut its way through southeast Moore, Norman, Oklahoma City, and other rural metro communities.

In the episode, we talked with Joe about his background, the history of the OTA, and how exactly Oklahoma became the Turnpike State. We also talked all about the proposed turnpike expansion. He explained why the OTA feels the turnpike is needed, and addressed many of the issues, concerns, and criticisms that people and politicians have on the project.

Check it out below:

Once again, the focus of this podcast was to make to case for the turnpike expansion. Next week, I'm going to talk to some people who are very adamantly against it. To catch out that episode when it drops, and to listen to other episodes of our non-award-winning podcast, subscribe to The Lost Ogle Show wherever fine and free podcasts are bought, sold and traded.

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