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Kevin Stitt didn’t wear a mask to Walmart over the weekend…

Attention Walmart shoppers – Watch for falling viruses!

Not too long after Kevin Stitt announced he'd been diagnosed with Covid-19, this pic of him chatting it up with people at a metro Walmart sans facemask appeared on Reddit. It was taken at the Walmart at N.Penn and Memorial around noon on Saturday:

That's great. I bet he was asking them where he can find injectable bleach, or talking about his favorite parts of Plandemic.

The obvious irony about Kevin Stitt's COVID-19 diagnosis is that he – like most conspiratorial Evangelicals who strictly adhere to a non-compromising "Stick It To The Libs In All Situations" ideology – has been very dismissive of the virus since it took a grip in March, seemingly going out of his way to defy public health recommendations, and brushing off the response as some big societal overreaction that was intentionally planned to destroy the economy.

The even greater irony is that his selfish decision to not wear a mask, and possibly spread the virus to others, is now hurting local businesses:

That sucks for Kai. For the sake of their employees, let's hope the Coronavirus does not  spread via armpit odor.

Anyway, if you were at Walmart over the weekend, or have been in the same room with a tall man with bushy eyebrows who wasn't wearing a facemask, you may want to get a Coronavirus test.

Also, if you have any other details about Stitt's whereabouts over the past week, let us know in the comments. We might as well try to contact trace him.


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