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Janet Barresi registers potential Mick Cornett for Congress web domains…

As we discussed last week, unpopular politician / evil step-mom cosplayer Janet Barresi announced she is going to seek, and likely not get, the Republican nomination for the baby blue Oklahoma 5th Congressional District.

Overall, she's one of many angry Republicans looking to challenge whiskey connoisseur Kendra Horn in the 2020 election.

One person not in that field is my adopted father – Mick Cornett.

Although he told Channel 9 he will "likely not venture back into politics" after getting out business-manned by Kevin Stitt in the 2018 gubernatorial primary, and instead spend time updating his 1973 Topps PSA 9 baseball card collection, rumors are still swirling that he may toss his Yankees cap into the field.

Janet must have heard these rumors like a kid crying after being hit with a paddle.

In April of this year – just after she completed construction of a cottage made of cake, lollipops and other confectionaries located deep in the woods outside Edmond – she registered the web domains and

We know this because she was either too cheap, or too dumb, to register the domains as private.

Check this out:

I blurred out Janet's address and phone number, but was able to verify they belonged to her. Here's the other one:

That's pretty funny. One of the first things they teach you in Web 101 is always pay the $10 fee to make your registrant information private. This will keep hackers, creepers and the thousands of third graders you wanted to flunk during your reign as a diabolical State School Superintendent from knowing your private contact information.

Of course, the great irony is that Janet did use private registration for her own domain –

Well, at least she was able to click private on that one. She should probably do the same thing if / when she registers It's currently available.


Editor's Note: Literally a minute or two before I hit publish, The Oklahoman has reported that Mick Cornett will not seek the 5th Congressional Seat. Obviously, this is because he couldn't score those coveted domain names.

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