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Bon Iver likes Steven Adams…

Even though local snowflakes like to complain about (gasp!) background noise, one of better things to happen to Oklahoma City over the past few years is that decent bands are starting to roll into town at places like Tower Theatre, Jones Assembly and even the Criterion. It's one reason why we now run a Monthly Metro Music Showcase on this site.

For example, last night the critically acclaimed, girlfriend-lauded, liberal-man-with-beard-approved Bon Iver auto-tuned their way through Oklahoma City for a sold out show at Criterion. Five years ago, I doubt they would have.

Here's one of my favorite tunes. It may be the world's best and most melancholy song about going on tilt while playing online poker in a cabin in the woods as snowflakes gently fall to a leave-covered ground:

Like most pretentious music snobs who once had their own 2000s-themed indie music radio show on The Spy, I'm a Bon Iver fan, but now that I'm a 40-something dad, making a Wednesday night concert is difficult to achieve.

As a result, I had to miss the show, and Bon Iver's display of affection towards Steven Adams:


That's cool and everything. I like Steven Adams and I like Bon Iver, but Perth? That's a city in Australia, and the Big Kiwi is from New Zealand. I bet Bon Iver thinks they're all the same.

Anyway, hopefully this starts a new trend of musicians wearing Thunder player masks at local concerts. Hell, maybe tonight Jenny Lewis will dress up as a Thunder girl. Unfortunately, that's another concert that OKC wouldn't have landed five years ago when I had time to do this stuff that I'll have to miss.

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