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Ogle Madness: East Region, Upper Bracket

9:51 AM EDT on March 18, 2019

Welcome to the first batch of matchups for Ogle Madness XII. My name is Brandon and I'll be your guide through this year's tournament. Click here to view the bracket.

Today we start with the upper bracket of the challenging East region. Here are this morning's matchups:

(1) Russell Westbrook vs. (16) Berry Tramel
(8) Jim Gallogly vs (9) David Boren
(4) Slappy McHeehaw vs (13) James Lankford
(5) Damon Lane vs (12) Skirvin Ghost

Wow. Those are some some intense and bitter matchups. I think we're likely to see some of them face off in real life pretty soon, so let's see if we can predict the winner!

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(1) Russell Westbrook

Who: One of the best to play the game

Biggest Strength: Basketballing

Biggest Weakness: Racist Utah Jazz Fans


(16) Berry Tramel

Who: Long-time sports columnist turned bitter curmudgeon

Biggest Strength: The ability to put words together in a sentence, and set off Regular Jim Traber

Biggest Weakness: His travel blog



(8) Jim Gallogly

Who: The worst thing to happen to the University of Oklahoma since blackface

Biggest Strength: Able to stick whole feet in his mouth

Biggest Weakness: Lack of a soul


(9) David Boren

Who: Former "hands-on" OU President

Biggest Strength: Ability to dodge blame and ridicule

Biggest Weakness: National Merit Scholars



(4) Slappy McHeehaw

Who: Fictitious Lawmaker who went to the Speaker's Ball

Biggest Strength: Bailing hay, whistling and smoking a corn cob pipe

Biggest Weakness: Words and hygiene


(13) James Lankford

Who: Oklahoma's most virgin politician

Biggest Strength: His chastity belt

Biggest Weakness: Knees pop every time he kisses Trump's ass



(5) Damon Lane vs (12) Skirvin Ghost

Who: Local weatherman-child turned meme

Biggest Strength: Creating viral Facebook challenges

Biggest Weakness: Tweeting hail


(12) Skirvin Ghost

Who: A spectral maid looming the hotel halls

Biggest Strength: Floating through walls

Biggest Weakness: Probably watches you poop


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