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Marla Morgan is your Ogle Madness XI Champion!

12:47 PM EDT on April 5, 2018

After three weeks, thousands of votes, and several upsets, we finally have an Ogle Madness XI Champion. Her name is Marla Morgan:

Yep, Marla Morgan is wearing the crown. She took down Steven Adams 535-435 in Monday's championship match. The former rodeo beauty queen and wife to KFOR Channel 4 weatherman Mike Morgan has been a fixture on this site ever since she first started emailing Patrick swimsuit photos in 2012.

For the most part, I was kinda stunned at this outcome. And I'm not the only one. None of the entries to our Ogle Madness Bracket Challenge picked Marla as the champ, so we drew one entry at random to win a night out with their friends to Fassler Hall or Dust Bowl. The winner is Nick S. from Yukon. His selection to win it all was Darci Lynne.

We caught up with Marla after the big match against Steven. Here's what she had to say:

I can not contain my exuberance and extreme happiness at WINNING!!! I'm sure it will be life changing.....or altering....or something!!!

I would like to thank:

MeteorologistsPlayboy BunniesQuarterbacksMedical Mary JaneER nursesReally hot TV anchors from Rush SpringsAll kitty cats, large AND small, Adorable Kiwi'sAnd, oh!!!!.....push up bras and stilettos


Thank you Oklahoma! for voting for me...... It means EVERYTHING!!!

I am dedicating my winning MOJO to all of Oklahoma's Public School Teachers!!!

XO Marla

As I mentioned, this year's outcome was very shocking. I guess it goes to show how far good looks and a small Facebook following can get you. Her journey through the field was impressive:

Round One: Defeated (11) Hot Wife Chloe 285-187
Second Round: Defeated (3) Gary England 365-210
Sweet 16: Defeated (1) Joleen Chaney 563-343
Elite Eight: Defeated (2) Baker Mayfield 499-319
Final Four: Defeated (3) Joe Exotic 764-706
Championship: Defeated (5) Steven Adams 535-435

That's quite the murderers row of beloved Oklahomans. JoJo and Lord England are past winners of the tournament. I think now that Gary has been off the TV long enough and his main hobby seems to be saying conservative old man stuff and blocking people on Twitter, maybe he's falling out of favor. Baker Mayfield won the freakin' Heisman trophy, but still fell by nearly 200 votes. The Joe Exotic race was incredibly close, but not even a few Russian hackers could decide this election for him.

Anyways, congratulations to Marla for fighting one of the toughest Ogle Madness battles ever and coming out on top. Your sense of humor and support for TLO is truly appreciated. Make sure Mike buys you a new dress, and he can get himself a tie while you're out shopping.

And also, thank you to our dedicated readers for still caring about this silly local Oklahoma celebrity tournaments. We've been at this for 11 years. It's amazing that something this silly and ridiculous has this much staying power.


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