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The Turpin family was about to move to Oklahoma…

11:25 AM EST on January 24, 2018

Without a doubt, the most horrifying story of 2017 has to be that of David and Louise Turpin. They're the award-winning parents who imprisoned their 13 grown and underaged children in locks and chains in a feces-filled house in California.

When I first heard and read about the news, my initial thought was – "Those poor kids. I hope they're able to recover and live normal, functioning lives." My second thought was "I'm surprised this didn't happen in Oklahoma."

Well, according to Channel 5, that second thought was way too close to becoming a reality:

Thirteen children were held captive in horrendous conditions by their parents in California.

The national story about David and Louise Turpin has a strong tie to Oklahoma, as the Turpin family was planning on moving to the Sooner State. Authorities said the family had U-Haul boxes ready to go.

ABC News confirmed that the family had planned the big move from California to Oklahoma just days before the parents were arrested. The father -- who faces 38 charges, including torture and false imprisonment -- was getting a job transfer to Northrop Grumman in southeast Oklahoma City.

Sources said David and Louise Turpin were planning to bring their "house of horrors" to Oklahoma City. Their neighbors in California were stunned after learning of the abuse.

On a positive note, at least someone wanted to move to Oklahoma! It's a shame it was a demented psychopath who looks like Randy Quaid from Kingpin and his crazy-eyed wife. I hope David and Louise rot in a feces-filled Hell someday.

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