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The Oklahoman now has a “lifestyle” magazine…

Earlier this week, The Oklahoman launched a new lifestyle magazine in its latest attempt to stay relevant.

Named The OK, it's a lot like those other pretty ad-filled magazines that take up space by the front door of your favorite coffee shop, bar or plasma center. You know, magazines like The 405, Oklahoma Magazine, So6ix, Outlook, Ion, Splurge OKC, Edible OKC, OKC Lifestyle, Metro Family Magazine, Territory OKC. Did I forget any?

Here are the details via The Oklahoman:

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The OK. (Like the tree)

In this quarterly magazine we hope to provide our readers a little bit of a lot of things Oklahoma.

People and places. Food and fashion. Travel and technology. And more.

We'll also bring you stories told in the unique voices of The Oklahoman reporters you've come to know and trust. Long-form narratives, in-depth reports, personal columns and tales from our past all aimed at providing unique value to our subscribers.

In all honesty, this really isn't a bad idea. I don't know anyone who actual reads a "lifestyle" mag (unless they're in it), but they always seem to have a bunch of ads in them. Hell, maybe we should start one. We'll call it The Ogle. We'll hire some of the Hefner Middle School writers that So6ix uses and then post a bunch of not so flattering photos of people getting sloshed at local wedding receptions, art openings and charity benefits. Who wouldn't pick that up the next time they're waiting for a sandwich at City Bites?

Unfortunately – and expectedly – The Oklahoman has already found some ways to screw the whole thing up.

First of all, look no further than the name. The OK breaks several of the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, including The Law of the Generic. It states that one of the fastest ways to failure is giving a brand a generic name, and you can't get any more generic in Oklahoma than "The OK." Plus, it's not The OK as in "OKAY." It's The OK (like the tree). I guess they were trying to confuse people....

"You know that word nobody in Oklahoma uses to describe or reference Oklahoma? Let's call it that and confuse everyone!"

To make matters worse, take a look at the old gray-haired fart The Oklahoman put in charge of editing the magazine:

Wait. That's me. It's the fancy photo I'm going to use when The Ogle launches. Here's The OK's editor:

Really? This is the editor of your lifestyle magazine? I thought these things were supposed to be run by middle-aged, upper middle class women. What's his lifestyle? Being a disappointed parent? Needing to go to the bathroom really badly? Actually, both would make sense. Lifestyle mags are best used as emergency toilet paper or to beat a kid.

Anyway you can check out the first issue of The OK here. As far as lifestyle mags go, it's not that bad. It has a lot of photos, and plenty of articles about food and fashion. Check it out to see if you're in it.

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