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The Edmond Sun profiled a “Millennial Trendsetter Hipster”

Close the blinds, lock the doors and hide the beard wax! Another hipster is on the loose in Edmond!

Last week, the Edmond Sun profiled a local "hipster" named Landon Hurlbut. He's a hipster because he's younger than you, wears skinny jeans, drinks coffee, shops at thrift shops, sings at his church, etc.

Here's more via Edmond Sun:

Hipster: A day in the life; Millennial trendsetter shares his style

He showed up with the appearance of Breakfast Club member John Bender, with his jean jacket and plaid shirt tied around his waist. He wore black skinny jeans, which under his philosophy, are "essential to life." Black Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars completed the ensemble. He was wearing the uniform of a hipster.

Urban Dictionary defines a hipster as a person in their 20s and 30s who "values independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and music, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter."

To the naked eye, 20-year-old Landon Joseph Hurlbut is a hipster.

He is a big supporter of the unique, going against the masses, all in all being different.

Hurlbut is an avid coffee drinker, owner of six guitars, and lover of vintage items.

He lives the life of the modern day beatnik spending his days in cafés pondering the many meanings of art, music and life.

I had the opportunity to venture into his world and observe the lifestyle — a millennial trend — he exudes.

I know what you're thinking. How can the Edmond Sun profile an Edmond hipster and not select Chase Reeser – the Hipster Prince of Edmond? He's a thing of hipster beauty!

Seriously, how did Chase not get any love? He's such a massive hipster that he shits vegan-vinyl! It would be like Moore Monthly profiling self-made millionaire rappers and leaving out Barbie Doll!

One problem with the word "Hipster" is that it's hard to define. Ask 10 different people what it means and you're likely to get 20 different answers. The identifying characteristics are ambiguous and change about as fast as the food trends that hipsters create. One day it's cronut. The next it's avocado toast. Why can't they be traditionalist and stick with kale?

Hurlbut tried to explain the different hipster types to the paper:

The start of our day was spent at an authentic Mexican restaurant where Hurlbut gave his perspective on the different forms of hipster-dom.

"There are many different varieties of the hipster. There's the social hipster: ones that thrive on being together and when they're not together they put out some kind of weird sonar thing where they just know where they all are," Hurlbut said.

"Then you've got the introspective hipster where they all keep to themselves. They'll talk if spoken to but (they) don't thrive on people. (They're) just kind of (their) own person and okay with it. We don't really like to define ourselves all that much," he said.

After an hour of dissecting the hipster "movement" and devouring the homemade chips and salsa, we went to Aspen, a high ranking coffee shop on the Hurlbut spectrum.

"This is a Cortado. It's kind of like a latté but more concentrated so milk and espresso ... There's a science to it," Hurlbut said.

I think Hurlbut forgot one of the most common hipsters types – the douche hipster! They traded in the Affliction shirts for cardigan sweaters and Red Bull for Cortado. You can usually spot them in skinny jeans eating "authentic" Mexican food at Ted's in Edmond talking to a friend who writes for a newspaper.

Actually, I'm just joking around. Landon seems like a really nice guy and will make a great Ogle Madness 12-seed next spring. Plus, he's more of a churchy-music hipster than a DB hipster:

Falling even more into the hipster category, Hurlbut, who is a musician and worship leader at Vintage Church, recognizes the greatness and importance of music.

"It doesn't fit into a mold ... As a musician I want to make music that is not based off the copy of something else, but it's a reflection of where my heart is coming from," Hurlbut said.

To Hurlbut, music is more than a good sound; it's the heart and soul of its creator.

Through music, Hurlbut embodies the main idea of the hipster lifestyle. It is one of the biggest ways he expresses himself, and he said each of his songs are meant to be intentional.

 "You can't mass produce one thing if you're a musician. You can create one thing and nobody can replicate that," Hurlbut said.

In case you didn't know, Lando was playing music at Vintage Church before it was cool. I wonder what he's going to do if the church becomes popular? Will he stay true to his hipster roots and move to a more obscure church, or will he sell out and go the Life Church route. It will be interesting to watch.

Anyway, you can read the rest of the profile and make your own judgements at The Edmond Sun. In all honesty, I think it's nice to see the paper educate readers on the styles, trends and activities of their grandchildren. How else will old people know what buzzwords to drop at family dinners? Maybe next week they can profile a different type of millennial trend setter – the basic bitch.

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