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Another Oklahoma lawmaker has resigned…

Say what you want about Oklahoma lawmakers, but they sure are good at resigning in disgrace.

Earlier today, Kyle Loveless abruptly resigned from his seat in the Oklahoma Senate. As opposed to sexting a legislative aide, stealing from his employer, or meeting with a 17-year-old male prostitute in a motel room, his resignation appears to be related to media reports that he's being investigated by the Oklahoma DA for campaign abuse and fraud.

That's nice. It's about time we had an old-fashioned Oklahoma political scandal involving misuse of campaign funds! It's been way too long. I was getting tired of writing about all the kinky sexually deviant stuff.

Here is Loveless' resignation letter. Much like his future in politics, it's very brief and to the point:

That's sweet. He's falling on his sword and taking all responsibility and blame. If only more Oklahoma politicians had the character and accountability of Kyle Loveless, maybe this state would be on a better path. Sure, he may have lied and misused campaign funds, but who doesn't? It's the equivalent of a coach paying a recruit to play college football. Everybody does it! You only get penalized if you get caught.

On that note, I should probably point out that Loveless was the only Oklahoma lawmaker brave enough to fight for reforms – and highlight the abuses – to our state's civil asset forfeiture laws, so we shouldn't be surprised that Loveless was targeted by the DA's office. In fact, we should be asking David Prater what took so long?! This probably should have happened months ago. Either way, I bet sheriffs across the state are already popping open the expensive bottles of champagne they illegally seized from citizens.

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