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Even the good Oklahoma teachers can be creepers…

It seems like every week or so, some Oklahoma teacher from some Oklahoma town is forced to resign for doing something illegal or inappropriate with some student. In fact, it's become so common that we've stopped covering the Creepy Oklahoma Teacher beat here at The Lost Ogle. We just don't have the resources to do it.

Today, though, we make an exception. According to, Tony Flores, the 2015 Putnam City School District "Teacher of the Year," resigned after being accused of showing students "too much affection."


One of Oklahoma's top teachers resigned after a parent told school district police he repeatedly showed her son and other male students too much affection, a report shows.

Wiley Post Elementary School music teacher Tony Flores was removed from his classroom on March 27, the same day the parent reported that "for the past month" Flores had the children sit in his lap, according to a Putnam City Campus Police Department offense report.

"He rubs their arms and touches their legs," the report states.

Police Chief Mark Stout said in the report that the parent "simply wanted to document" that her son sat in the teacher's lap and did not wish to file any type of criminal complaint.

Stout said he found no evidence of criminal behavior by Flores, the report states...

In an interview with Putnam City Public Schools administrator Patricia Balenseifen, Flores "admitted to having students sit in his lap and to tickling them, but denies any sexual misconduct," the report states.

Yikes! That's one good Oklahoma teacher we won't mind losing to Texas.

If Tony looks familiar to you, it's probably because The Oklahoman profiled him in 2015. Here's a clip of him teaching kids a song:

Yep. "The pie is too sweet. I want a piece of meat." In other news, maybe we shouldn't be surprised by these allegations? Kudos to the parent who called the school and filed the complaint. Kids have enough things to worry about. Being tickled or touched inappropriately by weirdo teachers shouldn't be one of them.

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