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Ogle Madness X: East Region, Second Round

8:15 AM EDT on March 20, 2017

The second round of Ogle Madness tips-off today with matches from the East Region. Here is the updated bracket with all the results.

So far, the East Region has gone according to form. Do any of the lower seeds have what it takes to advance?

(1) Russell Westbrook vs (8) My So Called Band
(4) KFOR Skull Finder vs (5) Abigail Ogle
(3) Carrie Underwood vs (6) Sad Papaw
(2) Gary England vs (7) Bricktown Octopus

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(1) Russell Westbrook vs (8) My So Called Band

(1) Russell Westbrook

Round One: Defeated (16) Kevin Durant 492-32

Who? The future real MVP of the NBA

Strength: Local hero and savior

Weakness: Averages a triple double, but still has problems figuring out what to wear in the morning.


(8) My So Called Band

Round One: Defeated (9) Blind Date 316-166

Who? Most popular 1990s cover band for people who were born in the 1990s

Strength: Making us really wish our favorite musicians from the 1990s were still alive

Weakness: None of the members have overdosed on heroin



(4) KFOR Skull Finder vs (5) Abigail Ogle

(4) KFOR Skull Finder

Round One: Defeated (13) New Wayne Coyne 340-158

Who? Found a skull in a river. Took it home and called Channel 4.

Strength: Making sure the media knows first.

Weakness: That beard.


(5) Abigail Ogle

Round One: Defeated (12) Dippin Dots CEO 363-146

Who? Matriarch of the Ogle Family

Strength: Using her Viking war sword "Candy Crush" to plunder the riverlands of South Norman.

Weakness: Still too cheery in the morning



(3) Carrie Underwood vs (6) Sad Papaw

(3) Carrie Underwood

Round One: Defeated (14) Joy Hofmeister 483-107

Who? Hot country music singer

Strength: Reminding us that Sunday Night Football is about to start

Weakness: Becomes very violent if you cheat on her


(6) Sad Papaw

Round One: Defeated (11) David Holt 437-68

Who? Grandpa who cooks hamburgers

Strength: Getting internet famous

Weakness: Shitty grandkids



(2) Gary England vs (7) Bricktown Octopus

(2) Gary England

Round One: Defeated (15) J. Blake Johnson 442-60

Who? Severe Weather God of Oklahoma

Strength: Defending Oklahoma from vagabond dry lines and rambunctious hook echos

Weakness: Pretends he doesn't believe in global warming


(7) Bricktown Octopus

Round One: Defeated (10) Steve Lackmeyer 347-157

Who? Mural in Bricktown

Strength: Pissing off Steve Lackmeyer

Weakness: Requires way too much acid to truly appreciate


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