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Department of Corrections employees to receive a $1,750 “stipend.”


Here's some good news if you work in our state's overcrowded, cash strapped, falling into disrepair prison system. Thanks to Mary Fallin's incompetence in dealing with our budget crisis, you're now getting some cash!

Earlier this week, while Oklahoma continues to deal with an extraordinary budget crisis that has led to drastic funding cuts to essential and core government services, the Department of Corrections announced it's giving each one of its 3,965 employees a one-time stipend of $1,750. For those scoring at home, that's exactly $1,750 more than the stipend the Department of Education recently doled out to all Oklahoma teachers.


The Oklahoma Corrections Board on Tuesday approved a one-time stipend of $1,750 for corrections employees.

The money will come from the $10.16 million the agency received in September as partial reimbursement for an overly large budget cut made earlier during a state revenue failure.

Corrections Director Joe M. Allbaugh said the money will come at a good time for employees struggling to make ends meet.

"This stipend will help employees offset the increased cost for insurance while giving them a little more in their pockets for their disposal," Allbaugh said. "The board decided we couldn't pass on this opportunity to invest in our employees. I deeply appreciate the board's decision to direct this money in this way."

Allbaugh said most of the department's employees haven't seen a raise in a decade. He said his goal for the next legislative session is to find a way to give employees a permanent raise.

Corrections Board Chairman Michael Roach said finance and legal officials are working on details of how the department will distribute the money. Employees with six months on the job will get the stipend first, while current employees with less experience will get the money when they hit the six-month mark.

Even though our prison system is falling into disrepair, I don't have a big problem with this. The starting salary for an entry-level security officer in an Oklahoma prison is something like $2,200 a month. The stipend can help pay for groceries, rent or even a new TV. Whatever it's spent on, I'm sure that extra money is really going to help the DOC employees who really need it. I'm also sure it will help all those DOC employees who don't really need it, like these 43 DOC employees who all make over $100,000 a year.

Via Oklahoma Watch Data:

Joe B MccurdyRegional Supervising Physician$188,681Aug. 17, 2009
Darrel E SchreinerLead Psychiatrist$183,688May 10, 1999
Roy T DonovanLead Psychiatrist$183,062Sept. 26, 2005
Rajeswararaju BhupathirajuPsychiatrist$171,249Nov. 3, 2008
Lawrence H TrombkaPsychiatrist$170,625Dec. 24, 2008
James T HowardPsychiatrist$170,425April 4, 2011
Jeffrey C TrouttRegional Supervising Physician$156,712Nov. 13, 1998
Paula B GettysRegional Supervising Physician$156,500May 20, 2002
Bruce L MeyerRegional Supervising Physician$156,392July 1, 1987
John B MarlarLead Staff Physcn II (Board Ce$152,430Aug. 1, 2006
Larry D BowlerLead Staff Physcn II (Board Ce$151,849Nov. 13, 2007
Joe E HaynesDentist$150,907Sept. 22, 2003
Mitsi A FaubionRegional Supervising Physician$147,916Dec. 16, 2013
Michael HoustonStaff Physician$141,850Sept. 1, 2006
Bobby J ThompsonStaff Physician$141,626Dec. 19, 2001
Charles P CrowellStaff Physician$141,203July 21, 2014
Paul D JohnsonStaff Physician$132,931Oct. 29, 2001
Edward L EvansAssociate Director$131,054Jan. 1, 1982
James R HollandChief Dental Officer$129,699Feb. 26, 2001
Tina R HicksAssociate Director$129,567Oct. 3, 1990
Jonathan K BrewerStaff Physician$119,105Nov. 17, 2014
Alan R McdonaldDentist$115,455Jan. 2, 1986
Akhtar HameedStaff Physician$114,966Oct. 1, 2012
Robert L AlbrightDentist$113,955Oct. 23, 2000
Paul G HainesDentist$112,966Dec. 18, 2000
Bethany G WagenerPhysicians Assistant II$112,425Feb. 1, 2011
David A CincottaGeneral Counsel$110,955Feb. 8, 2007
Rodney HutchinsDentist$110,850Sept. 11, 2006
Charles W PhillipsDentist$110,849May 23, 2011
William J Taylor Jr.Dentist$110,833June 29, 2015
Ronald K SmithDentist$110,731Feb. 2, 2009
Eric S HammackDentist$110,625July 1, 2009
Thomas A CorwinDentist$110,531Oct. 4, 2010
Donna K FloresDentist$110,426May 23, 2011
Micheal E AitsonDentist$110,000Feb. 2, 2015
Robert C BaloghStaff Physician$106,073Dec. 13, 2010
David B ParkerDivision Manager$103,218July 7, 1986
Greg M WilliamsDivision Manager$102,946Aug. 1, 1983
Laura J PitmanDivision Manager$101,914July 1, 1999
James C CastleberryDivision Manager$101,796Nov. 1, 1999
Terri L WatkinsDirector of Communications$100,958Dec. 29, 2006
Jack A ShannonDentist$100,660Aug. 18, 2003

Holy shit! Oklahoma has locked up so many of its own people that we need 13 dentists on staff just to clean our prisoners' teeth. We even have a Chief Dental Officer who makes $129,000 a year. I hope he enjoys his stipend.

Anyway, I called the DOC to verify that these employees who make double the median Oklahoma household income also get the $1,750 stipend as our state continues to face a budget crisis that has led to some Oklahoma school districts resorting to four-day school weeks just to make ends meet, and guess what, they do. The person I spoke with said the law requires the stipends be distributed equally to all employees. That's ridiculous. As a small government conservative who feels that government should be managed and operated like the private sector, I think the extra money should be kept by the board, executives and chief dental officer.

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