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Sicko Principal Ruins Family’s “Squirrel Dumpling” Dinner Plans…

4:26 PM EDT on September 26, 2016


I spent the first 12 years of my life living in a tiny yellow wooden-frame house in the heart of South Oklahoma City. It was located at the corner of SW 33rd and Santa Fe, only a block or two from the area where the Video Vigilante cruises for people to put on Maury Povich.

From my Vietnam vet neighbor who would occasionally pace around his backyard screaming "Murder" to the night my family and I watched a Mexican gang vandalize our neighbor's house through the living room window, I have a lot of fond memories about my neighborhood. I still don't know why my family moved when I was 12.

One of my favorites happened when I was about 10 or 11. Some neighborhood kids and I were playing a game of tackle football in the front yard. While my team was huddling together for a game winning play, an old, red, beat-up pick up truck came to a screeching halt in the middle of the street. Seconds later, a man with a State Fair caliber mullet wearing blue jeans and a dirty mechanic's shirt swung open the driver's side door, hopped out of the cab, grabbed a shovel from the bed, and scooped up a dead squirrel from the road. He tossed it in the bed of the truck, turned to look at our confused little faces and shouted "DINNER." He then hopped back in the truck and drove away.

To this day, I've always wondered who that man was, what happened to him, and how he would prepare the squirrel. I guess it's nice to see that he's now married and teaching his family to enjoy life's delicacies.

In case you missed it, the big news story in Oklahoma last week that didn't have anything to do with police shootings involved a kid putting a dead squirrel in his backpack to take home to mom so she could make squirrel dumplings for dinner. Unfortunately, some sicko school principal got involved and ruined the family's dinner plans.

Here are the details via KFOR:

One Oklahoma City mom’s Facebook post about the hilarious phone call she received from her son’s school is going viral.

Ladye Hobson said she was at work when her son’s school called.

“Ladye, this is Gayla. I just called to let you know that Brylan has made my day,” the Gatewood Elementary School principal said, according to Hobson.  

“Oh dear Lord, I am so glad to hear you say that you are calling for a good reason,” she replied relieved.

That is when the principal told Hobson that her son’s teacher discovered a dead squirrel in his backpack.

In case you needed more proof that our educational system is in turmoil, discovering a dead squirrel in a backpack made a principal's day. That's weird. Is Principal Gayla sick and need therapy, or was she just happy it wasn't dog poop, a gun or human hand?

Here's more:

“To say I am embarrassed is an understatement,” Hobson wrote on her website. “I. Am. Mortified. A dead squirrel? Why is it in his backpack? How did the squirrel die? And WHY in the world would he try to keep this dead animal in his backpack?”

When the principal asked the boy why he picked up the dead squirrel, he had the most adorable response.

“I really wanted squirrel dumplings for dinner,” he said, according to Hobson.

I'm not going to lie, Squirrel Dumplings is my favorite new Chunky Soup flavor. That being said, I've never had it fresh. I wonder if the Mommy Blogger used this as an opportunity to promote her recipes?

The principal then asked if Hobson wanted the squirrel to come home with her son.

“Ya’ll, I had to explain that we are from the country, but we are not THAT country!” Hobson said.

Hobson said the principal then sent her a picture of the dead squirrel, saying “it looks so peaceful lying there in his bag.”

It's official. Principal Gayla is sick and does need therapy.

When Hobson’s son came home a couple of hours later, she said he was fighting tears.

“Mom I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking,” he told his mom.

But she wasn’t even upset.

“I ask him if he’s learned his lesson, smile, and let him know that he gets a free pass on this one. I can’t even be mad at this point. He has made the principal’s day, after all,” she said.

Hobson shared her story on Facebook, which has received more than 80,000 shares.

Hmmmn. The Mommy Blogger's post received 80,000 shares. That's not good. Mommy Bloggers love nothing more than imitating other Mommy Bloggers, so expect moms from all over the country to start stuffing dead animals in their kids backpacks so they family can receive their proper 15 minutes of fame. I bet the Pioneer Women is frantically looking for Squirrel Dumpling recipes in her mom's old cookbooks as you read this. She's always prepared.

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