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Man finds human skull while fishing. Takes it home and calls Channel 4.

3:02 PM EDT on May 18, 2016

channel 4 skull

I think the headline says it all on this one.

Earlier this week, the man pictured above stumbled across a skull while fishing in a river. Naturally, he did what any other rational Oklahoman would do. He called KFOR Channel 4 and told them about it.

A Wewoka man and his children made a shocking find Sunday - a human skull.

Rudy Nunez was with a friend and two of his children fishing along the North Canadian River north of Earlsboro when Nunez’s son brought him something.

Nunez said the little boy thought he had found a turtle shell.

“When I picked it up, I noticed it wasn't no turtle shell,” Nunez said.

He said he didn’t know what to think.

“I kind of got spooked out, because I was like it's a human skull, you know, it's a person,” Nunez said.

He decided to take the skull with him, planning to turn it over to the sheriff.

“I was going to stop by the sheriff's but, at the same time, my son had jumped in the water, and they were hungry, so I was like, okay, we'll go home, and I'll just do it in the morning,” Nunez said.

He said his wife was immediately concerned...

Nunez contacted NewsChannel 4.

You find a skull while fishing and then take it home with you and call the news? That's perhaps the most Oklahoma thing of all time. How much weed were they smoking down there!? I'm just asking, not judging.

Being the servants of public interest, KFOR provided some advice on what to do if you stumble across a human skull:

OSBI officials said this is a good time to remind everyone, if you find what appears to be human remains, you should call police.

“They should not disturb it, back away from it and call 911,” said Jessica Brown, spokesperson for the OSBI.

Picking it up could disturb any other evidence that may be there.

Nunez did not mean to cause any harm.

He had every intention of making sure the skull got to the authorities.

He’s now just hoping they can figure out who the skull belongs to.

Now you know... and knowing is half the battle.

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