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Ogle Madness IX Championship Game: (2) Russell Westbrook vs. (3) Lacey Swope


After 62 matchups, thousands of votes cast, and some crazy finishes, they're only two people left standing in Ogle Madness IX. They are:

(2) Russell Westbrook vs. (3) Lacey Swope

What a matchup, huh? We have the bionic basketball star vs. the bionic severe weather babe. Vote for who you want to take home the Ogle Madness crown!

Russell-Westbrook angry

(2) Russell Westbrook

Round One: Defeated Aaron Tuttle’s Tan

Round Two: Defeated Lee and Gentry

Sweet Sixteen: Defeated Gwen Stefani

Elite Eight: Defeated The Ogle Brothers

Final Four: Chicken Fried Steak

Who He Is: Vicious alien beast/OKC Thunder point guard

Biggest Strength: Gives zero fucks about what anyone thinks

Biggest Weakness: Dresses like an eight year-old with no supervision


lacey swope big

(3) Lacey Swope

Round One: Defeated Random Median On Western

Round Two: Defeated Edna’s Lunch Boxes

Sweet Sixteen: Defeated Olivia Munn

Elite Eight: Defeated Emily Sutton

Final Four: Defeated Joleen Chaney

Who She Is: Emily Sutton’s arch nemesis

Biggest Strength: Deadly with a bow

Biggest Weakness: Gets flustered when she feels a big one

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