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Wayne and Miley want to perform an all-nude concert…

coyne tattoo

The fall of one of Oklahoma's most recognizable and gifted musicians is going along nicely.

Earlier this week, New Wayne Coyne announced on Instagram that Miley Cyrus and The Flaming Lips will perform a concert in the nude in front of a completely naked audience while white stuff that looks like milk is sprayed everywhere.

The performance is apparently part of Miley Cyrus' 2015 "Induce The Vomiting" tour.

Here's the Instagram post:

OMG! That's so wild and edgy!!! Naked people coated in white stuff that looks like milk?!?! Hehe. It's going to look like they're covered in semen or the stuff that was dripping from Mia Wallace's nose in Pulp Fiction! That's crazy! Wayne Coyne is a creative genius. I wonder if he'll bring back the giant vagina ball from that awful music video with all the naked people, too. Seriously, what will Wayne Coyne think of next? Gummy Miley Cyrus Vaginas? Probably. Amazing music and art that we all enjoy and admire! Eh, probably not.

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