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Rep. Paul Wesselhoft likes the word Anchor Baby… in private

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The old geezer pictured above who has probably sold carpet at one point in his centuries-long life is State Rep. Paul Wesselhoft. He's from Moore and one of the leading members of our state's Derplahoman caucus. He was also named Furr's Fresh Buffet Customer of the Month last July.

We first told you about Wesselhoft in May of 2014 when he hopped on Facebook to complain about our politically correct society, and in the process, take advantage of his first amendment rights to use the N-word in historical context. He did this because there's nothing old white racists love more than to find a new excuse to publicly use the N-word and show how far the rest of us have advanced as a society. Why should their rights to look like ignorant asshole fools be trampled by the PC Police?

Paul Wesselhöft n-word

Anyway, Wesselhoft has apparently now found a new word to use as the rallying cry against political correctness. That word is anchor baby. According to KFOR, he posted it 32 times on Facebook. Here's a screenshot:

wesselhoff anchor baby

Way to go Mr. Wesselhoft! Flex your first amendment rights to say ignorant, stupid, offensive things on the Internet! Political correctness has gone amuck! I applaud your bravery and courage. Way to take a stand against the PC Police. That will show them!

Or will it?

I noticed the FB post was edited, so I stopped by Paul Wesselhoft's very public Facebook page to check out the unedited version. Well, the entire post was gone. It was like it never existed, so I did some internet research, checked with some Moles, and apparently he caved to pressure and made the post "private." Unless you're his Facebook friend, this is all you see:

wesselhoff deleted post

Seriously, what a tool. You're really going to whine and complain about political correctness and post something "controversial" to protest political correctness, but when the PC Police and local media exercise their first amendment rights and call you out for being the fool you are, you cower to pressure and change the privacy setting so only your friends can see the post? Wow. I hope you fall down, hurt your hip, run out of adult diapers and many other politically incorrect things. I guess hypocrisy doesn't diminish with age.

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