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OMG! City employees used work emails to sign up for Ashley Madison

11:07 AM EDT on August 20, 2015


The big news story in America this week is that a bunch of "activist" hackers finally released the email addresses and personal information of millions of people who figured that life is short and they might as well have an affair.

Naturally, the media jumped all over the leak like a bossomy girl on a trampoline, desperately looking for a local angle to garner clicks, pageviews, and Facebook shares. They found that treasure chest in the form of government emails people used to access the site.


The cheating website Ashley Madison’s reported hack revealed some Oklahoma government emails.

So far, there have been 21 emails linked to accounts and four linked to

Ashley Madison is a dating website that helps married people cheat. The alleged hackers threatened to release information about millions of customers last month if they didn’t shut the website down.

The website company did not comply, and that’s how the Oklahoma emails were revealed.

At first, it was thought the reported leak might be fake, but independent security experts say it is very real. Tech experts say hackers who targeted the site have published stolen data from more than 1 million users.

A database shows government email domains reportedly linked to Ashley Madison.

Here is what a quick search revealed:

Tinker Air Force Base – 33City of Oklahoma City – 21Vance Air Force Base – 2Altus Air Force Base – 2Oklahoma Department of Health – 2Oklahoma Department of Corrections – 1Oklahoma Department of Juvenile Affairs – 1

I understand why this is a big story. It's interesting, juicy, and kind of funny, but why are we only focusing on government employees? Are they held to a higher moral standard than the people who have better jobs and make more money in the private sector? Why are they the ones being shamed?

And please don't give me the whole "But they're wasting taxpayer time and money" bullshit, Person Who's Reading This Post In Your Cubicle While You Should Be Emailing TPS Reports To Your Boss. Who cares what email address they used? It's not like taxpayers are charged per the email. If anything, we should give these bright government employees raises and promotions for having the smarts to use an email address their spouse can't access.

What I really want to know is who in the local media signed up for this service! Let's judge the ones leading the judging! Last night, I downloaded the entire 9GB leak on Bit Torrent. This is what I found:


Yeah, apparently you need a mainframe computer and Phd. in computer science to view the entire Ashley leak. The thing I downloaded was filled with giant files with extensions like .dump and .gz, and the only text file I could open was 10.6 Gb and crashes my MAC everytime I open it. Are there any Halt and Catch Fire moles out there who can help us with this? We basically want to search through the files for things like,,, etc. And please don't send me a link to one of those sites where you can only search for individual email addresses. Trust me, I've tried it several times. It doesn't help.

Thanks for reading!

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