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Hot Girl Friday: Unknown Woman from 1940s

In Sunday's Oklahoman, the ladies men duo of Silas Allen and Matt Patterson recounted how Oklahoma City celebrated the end of World War II.

In the article, they included photos of the city's big celebration. Photos like this...

victory in japan pic

Wow, I'm pretty sure that's the same viking horn Mama Ogle uses to announce supper is ready.

victory in japan 2

Call me crazy, but aren't those the same fireworks Wile E. Coyote would use to try to kill the Road Runner? I bet a lot of people got injured that day in Oklahoma City. Also, what's a safari guide doing selling fireworks in downtown Oklahoma City in the middle of August?

They also published the pic after the jump. I'm not sure who's pictured in it. I bet her name is Blanche, Rose or Beulah. Regardless, she's our Hot Girl Friday:

hot girl 1940s

Holy shit! I have no clue who that woman is, but she's hot! She's also probably someone's great-grandmother. If she is yours, I sincerely apologize... and can you send us more pics?

Seriously, this may be the first documented Hot Girl in our city's history. On that note, that guy holding her up may be the first documented douchebag. Look at that lucky rascal.

In addition to Unknown Hot Girl from the 1940s, The Oklahoman released this photo:


Okay, they're not as hot as the other woman, but as Clark Matthews says, two fives top a 10.

Anyway, this concludes this historic edition of Hot Girl Friday. If you have any ideas for a Hot Girl to feature, contact us today.

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