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Farewell, Tulsa Shock

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Nice try, Tulsa. It looks like Oklahoma is only home to one big league city.

Earlier this week, Tulsa Shock owner Bill Cameron, the President of American Fidelity / First Fidelity and one of the people who witnessed Mary Fallin's Playboy Mansion engagement, announced he wants to watch his franchise struggle to make money in Dallas.

Via The Tulsa World:

Tulsa Shock majority owner Bill Cameron solidified more than a week’s worth of rumors Monday, announcing in a press release his plans to relocate the team to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Shock minority owner Stuart Price fired back Monday evening, holding a press conference to announce that he had filed a lawsuit against Cameron. Price accused Cameron of using Tulsa to “incubate” the franchise before moving it to Dallas, saying the city had been “wronged in a lot of respects.”

Outside of the blooper reels, I can't stand the WNBA. It's almost as unwatchable as men's college basketball. That being said, I really do feel sorry for the Tulsa Shock fans (all 34 of them). Until this season, the Shock had .241% winning percentage – one of the worst five-year marks in all of professional sports. And now that they're finally good and winning some games, their greedy asshole owner announces he's moving them to Dallas like they're a recent Oklahoma college graduate. That's just cruel.

On that note, why exactly is Bill Cameron moving the team?

The move is contingent upon approval by the league’s Board of Governors, which is composed of owners or executive representatives from each of the 12 teams in the league. Each team, including the Shock, has one vote, and approval would require seven votes in favor of the move.

Cameron asked that the WNBA submit the request to the board as soon as possible. He cited the larger fan base and increased corporate sponsorship pool in a top-five media market as reasons for the move.

I hate to be Mr. Logic and Reason here, but if Dallas is such a great place why didn't he just move them there in the first place? It's not like Dallas became a top five media market overnight. Doing that would have saved the City of Tulsa a bunch of pain, torment and awful basketball, and Bill Cameron now wouldn't look like the incompetent greedy asshole that he probably is.

All that being said, Tulsa shouldn't be so mad. The Thunder is only 2-hours away, and on a positive note, the city no longer has to worry about pretending to care about the WNBA. I bet that was tough to do for five years. Also, they can now focus all their energy on the city's 2024 Olympic bid, which they'll probably win... and then have to give to Dallas.

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