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The Oklahoma GOP is sorry they don’t understand irony…

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Here's some irony for you.

After receiving backlash from Facebook commenters, the local media, the national media, government agencies, non-profits, and even local Republican leaders, State GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon apologized today like a clueless dad caught feeding raccoons by a park ranger at Yellowstone for his insensitive Facebook post about food stamp recipients.

Okay, that's technically not irony, but let's go with it:

ok republican party

Ahhh, the classic non-apology apology! Those are my favorite.

I think the best part, outside of a 1968 quote by liberal Ronald Reagan, is the second paragraph:

"This post was supposed to be an analogy that compared two situations illustrating the cycle of government dependency in America, not humans as animals."

Oh, so that's what it was supposed to be. You know, we do technically have a name for those things. They're called false analogies. They are the things imbeciles come up when trying to prove a point. For example, Randy Brogdon eats his words like a dog eats shit. Wait? Is that a false analogy? It seems kind of spot on if you ask me.

In addition to Randy Brogdon's apology, Mary Fallin released the following statement:

I accept Chairman Brogdon's explanation that he was not intentionally disparaging any group of people and I appreciate him taking the post down.

Welfare programs and welfare reforms are important subjects that we need to have a respectful, thoughtful conversation about as a nation. Programs like food stamps have an important role; we don't want any American families to fall through the cracks or to go hungry. In Oklahoma, the majority of food stamps go to the elderly, people with disabilities and working low-income families with children, which is appropriate.

As a conservative, I believe the role of government programs like food stamps should be limited, targeted, and conditional. In Oklahoma, for instance, we have said that able-bodied individuals between 18 and 50 need to work to continue to receive food stamps after 90 days. Requirements like these ensure that food stamps remain a temporary hand-up, as they were intended to be, rather than a permanent handout that replaces gainful employment.

Ultimately, what Republicans like myself want is to help every individual who can work to find a job and a career path that allows them to achieve the American Dream. You do that by supporting healthy private sector job growth and removing barriers to economic expansion. You do that by pursuing education and job training programs like Oklahoma Works, which help people get the skill sets they need to succeed in the private sector.

When we help people find the work they need to support themselves and their families, we are giving them far more than we ever could with food stamps or welfare. Republican values are about honoring the dignity of all Americans, not disparaging them. – Governor Mary Fallin

Wow. This Randy Brogdon guy is so awful that he makes Mary Fallin (or, at least her communications team) look caring and compassionate! That's hard to do.

Actually, I bet that's why Mary accepted Brogdon's non-apology instead of calling for his resignation like many people in her party had hoped. She needs someone around to make her look good. It's like Mary Fallin is the hot girl at the bar and Randy Brogdon is the ugly friend she brings around so she'll get more attention. Hey, another analogy! I'm on a roll!

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