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This thief found a clever way to rob a Walmart…

walmart thief

I dislike criminals just like everyone else, and I don't condone stealing or crime in general, but sometimes you have to give it up to the bad guys when they show bit of ingenuity, creativity and balls. That's what the guy above did when he robbed a Bristow Walmart over the 4th of July weekend:

A man impersonating an armored truck driver walked out of a Wal-Mart in Bristow on Saturday morning with more than $75,000 by tricking employees and signing for the deposit.

Dressed like a Loomis employee, the thief entered the Wal-Mart at 105 W. Oklahoma 16 about 10:30 a.m. and convinced the staff he worked for the cash-handling service.

He signed for a deposit and exited the store with a duffel bag carrying more than $75,000 in cash, Detective Kevin Webster said.

Yeah, he "convinced" the staff. Knowing what we know about some Walmart employees, I'm sure that was really hard to do...

"Hi, I'm here with Loomis to pick up the cash deposit."

"Cool, here you go! See you tomorrow!"

"Uhm, you don't need an ID or thumbprint or anything?"

"Nah, we only require that from customers who are attempting to cash a check."

Of course, there was one minor flaw to the thief's plan:

The man left in a dark-colored Chevy four-door car with black wheels, chrome door handles and a paper tag.

The theft wasn’t discovered until actual Loomis employees showed up at the Wal-Mart to pick up the deposit about 30 minutes later, Webster said.

A video surveillance camera captured images of the thief leaving the store and the getaway vehicle.

If you're going to pose as an armored truck driver, shouldn't you go all out and at least drive a truck or van or something? Like, what if one of the Walmart employees offered to help him carry the bags of cash out to the car, or noticed on video surveillance that Mr. Loomis was driving a pre-owned car recently purchased from The Key? If this guy ups the ante and goes for a Target or Best Buy, he's going to need to pay more attention to detail.

Anyway, I guess if you see or know this guy contact authorities. I'm holding out hope that he's some sort of modern-day Robin Hood living in the Ouachita National Forest with his band of merry gentlemen and will eventually give the money back to poor Walmart employees who make $8.81 an hour. Then we could actually admire and praise him and not feel guilty about it. That would be nice.

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