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Hot Girl Friday: Oklahoma State Cheerleaders

orange pride

Remember back in 2013 when Sports Illustrated published that not-so-shocking Thayer Evans account of the dark, inner workings of the OSU Football program?

One of the allegations made in the piece was that a few members of Orange Pride, a school-supported organization of young nubile coeds who "donate their time and efforts to assist with Recruiting for Oklahoma State and the Football Program," were taking their jobs a bit too seriously and sleeping with the players they were recruiting. Hard to believe, huh? Athletes and pretty girls actually hook up with each other. I thought that was a myth and stereotype perpetuated by movies, music, television, the media and real life.

Well, earlier today the NCAA announced they have put Oklahoma State on a year of probation as a result of an investigation that followed the SI hit piece. Most of the penalties basically equate to a slap on the wrist, and will do far less damage to the football program than what signing a basketball coach to a 10-year contract following one trip the NCAA tournament did to the basketball program, but the university will have to suspend Orange Pride for four years.

Via Jake Trotter w/ ESPN:

The NCAA has placed Oklahoma State on probation for one year after finding the school did not follow its drug testing policy and allowed its all-female Orange Pride student group to engage in impermissible hosting activities during football prospects' official and unofficial visits.

Penalties include one year of probation, $8,500 in fines, suspension of the Orange Pride program and university-imposed recruiting restrictions...

The NCAA also found the school committed recruiting violations through the Orange Pride program.

NCAA rules prevent a school from the use of student hosts in a way that is inconsistent with a university's policies on providing campus tours or visits to all prospective students. Oklahoma State will not be allowed to use the Orange Pride program for four years.

That's a shame. I guess OSU recruits will have to meet hot college girls the good old-fashioned way, like at a frat party, bar or while pretending to enjoy the atmosphere at Eskimo Joe's.

Anyway, when I read about all this stuff earlier this morning, I thought "Hey, let's make the ladies of Orange Pride our Hot Girl Friday," but there's really not a lot of photos of them around the Internet. The only one I could find was the pic above from the soon-to-be-taken-down Orange Pride page on

I then thought "Hey, maybe I can post hot pics of OSU cheerleaders instead. That's topical!" After several hours of searching Busted Coverage (and our photo archive), I found some suitable photos for publication. Here they are. These random OSU Cheerleaders who have probably all graduated by now are our Hot Girl Friday...

OSU Cheer 2
osu cheerleaders skiing
osu cheerleaders

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