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Garth Brooks is clumsy…

9:10 AM EDT on September 11, 2014

garth brooks world tour

In case you didn't know, Oklahoma's favorite country music son (and biggest Eskimo Joe's fan) Garth Brooks is making a comeback. It's all part of his plan to earn a bunch of money to give and then take back from hospitals.

Yes, it's been a busy few weeks for Garth Brooks. Last Thursday, he unveiled a digital music service called GhostTunes that "allows artists to sell music any way they want to.” I'm sure that will work out great. I think its name was inspired by the number of people they expect to actually use it.

The following day, Garth kicked off a three city world tour with his wife Trisha Yearwood in Chicago. The other two cities? Atlanta and Jacksonville. What an intense "world" tour, huh? He's a regular old Carmen San Diego. If only he could have squeezed in a stop in Charlotte or Birmingham.

During his first Chicago concert, Brooks tripped and fell on his face while trying to jump around the stage like Shannon Miller. Here's the clip via TMZ:

I'm sorry. The payoff on that was weak. It's more depressing than watching any video, slide show or event that features The Dance as background music.

That being said, I did enjoy how Garth reacted. He just kind of rolled with it. If the same thing happened to Toby Keith, he would have attacked the floor with a machete and blamed a terrorist. Vince Gill would have peed his pants and cried.

Actually, Brooks probably deserved to fall there. I consider it karma for not making a concert tour stop in Oklahoma City since the 1990s. Of course, that's probably not a bad thing. For one, he'd back out and cancel it at the last-minute. Two, I don't think any of us have the heart to tell him Eskimo Joe's shirts are no longer cool.

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