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Hot Girl Friday: Jami Miller-Winkler

austin and jami winkler

If you need any proof that there is a God, and that he's a passive aggressive God with a cruel sense of humor, look no farther than Hinder frontman Austin Winkler.

In a godless Darwinian world, Austin would be changing tires at Freddie's Discount Tire by day and singing Avenged Sevenfold at Henry Hudson's karaoke by night. Instead, Austin is a famous, semi-retired, multi-platinum album selling rock star. He's made millions touring the world singing awful music, doing awful drugs and banging lots of awfully beautiful women. And it's all thanks to God... right? It has to be.

Of course, you could also say that Austin just made one really sly deal with the devil. I wouldn't disagree with that argument. I'm sure the devil is a big fan of Hinder's music. He probably plays Lips of Angel on constant repeat in Hell's waiting rooms. Also, despite how obnoxious God may be, I don't think he would rub it in like this. Then again, God apparently causes natural disasters and crime, so what do I know:

Yeah, that's Austin's wedding song for his hot ass wife Jami Miller-Winkler. I think it's called "I can't fucking believe this either, so let me sing an awful song about it."

Jami is an L.A.-based model. Like most models, Jami has an Instagram page, and like most hot models, she's obsessed with taking selfies that all kind of look the same. Check some of them out and praise God or the Devil after the jump, because Jami Miller-Winkler is our hot girl Friday:

Jami Miller-Winkler 3
Jami Miller-Winkler 4
Jami Miller-Winkler 5
Jami Miller-Winkler 6
Jami Miller-Winkler 7
Jami Miller-Winkler 8
Jami Miller-Winkler 9
Jami Miller-Winkler13
Jami Miller-Winkler 10
Jami Miller-Winkler11
jami winkler 1

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