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This famous Oklahoma State Trooper likes to share dirty photos…

dan martin ohp

The law enforcement official pictured above is Oklahoma State Trooper Daniel Martin.

In 2009, he we was suspended for five days without pay after he pulled over and assaulted a paramedic that was transporting a patient to the hospital. Later on that year, he was placed on administrative leave for allegedly beating a Holdenville man with a nightstick.

Knowing Martin's violent history, the OHP did what any logical organization would do. They sent him to work with high school students at the Cadet Lawman Academy. What could go wrong with that?

From NewsOK:

An Oklahoma state trooper is under investigation following allegations he showed an inappropriate adult photo to a fellow trooper at a cadet academy, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported.

Daniel Martin, 42, allegedly shared the photo, not of himself, during the first few days the Cadet Lawman academy, which ran June 1 to June 7.

Martin’s son was attending the academy, which is designed for high school students to learn more about the patrol, according to a news release.

Martin was released from his special assignment to the academy, but the finalization of the incident is pending as the patrol completes its investigation report, the release states.

At no time was Martin ever accused of any type of sexual misconduct with any teen attending the academy, and there have been no allegations of physical contact or direct inappropriate behavior between Martin and academy attendees, the release states.

Martin, who has been with state patrol since 2007, previously was the subject of two other investigations.

So, a state trooper shared a dirty photo with another state trooper? I'll bet you $20 the pic was of...

Editor's Note: On advice of our legal team, we have removed any and all references to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin from this story. Although what we wrote was satirical in nature, we can see how some people could construe it as fact. Let me be clear, to our knowledge there are no photos of Governor Fallin having a gang bang with OHP troopers in the Playboy mansion grotto, and if there are, there's a 50% chance they are fake. We apologize to the Governor for the misunderstanding and any inconvenience this caused.

Anyway, I don't really see what the big deal is with this story. Someone shared a dirty pic at work. At every job I've had, there's always been one co-worker who does that. Granted, that co-worker is usually me, but you have to get the ladies in the office to like you somehow.

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