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Ogle Madness VII: First Round, Southeast (Lower Bracket)

Ogle Madness Bracket

The craziest / coolest thing about Ogle Madness is that some people actually take the time to complete a bracket, scan it, and then email it to us. Yes, they actually take the time to scan it. As I mentioned, that's crazy and cool

Here are the afternoon match-ups for the Southeast region. They're being played in Idabel:

(6) Lacey Swope vs. (11) Aaron Tuttle

(3) Bob Stoops vs. (14) KFOR's Social Media Bandit

(7) Wayne Coyne vs. (10) The Pioneer Woman

(2) Carrie Underwood vs. (15) Fake Miss Oklahoma

Get to voting!

(6) Lacey Swope vs. (11) Aaron Tuttle

lacey swope 8

(6) Lacey Swope

Conference: Super Cute Weather Nerds (Non-Emily Sutton Conference)

Who She Is: Bizarro Emily Sutton

Biggest Strength: Killing animals.

Biggest Weakness: Isn't Emily Sutton


aaron tuttle 4

(11) Aaron Tuttle

Conference: Local Weather Bros

Who He Is: Facebook Weathermen

Biggest Strength: Not afraid to show his emotions

Biggest Weakness: Warding off weather weirdos.



(3) Bob Stoops vs. (14) KFOR's Social Media Bandit

bob stoops

(3) Bob Stoops

Conference: University of Oklahoma Football Coaches

Who He Is: Head football coach for the University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Can eat or kill anything he wants anywhere in Norman free forever

Biggest Weakness: Installing security systems


(14) KFOR's Social Media Bandit

Conference: Interns

Who He/She Is: Person who runs the living hell that is KFOR Social Media

Biggest Strength: Finding and posting really sappy stories about dogs

Biggest Weakness: Violating Betterridge's Law of Headlines



(7) Wayne Coyne vs. (10) The Pioneer Woman

wayne coyne grenade

(7) Wayne Coyne

Conference: Rock Stars

Who He Is: Lead Singer of The Flaming Lips

Biggest Strength: Being Weird

Biggest Weakness: Way too old to be acting that weird. Way too old.



(10) The Pioneer Woman

Conference: Bloggers More Wealthy Than Us

Who She Is: Winner of the 2008 Okie Blog Award

Biggest Strength: Making housewives think she's a legitimate housewive

Biggest Weakness: The Marlboro Man



(2) Carrie Underwood vs. (15) Fake Miss Oklahoma

Carrie Underwood Country cute hot american idol (7)

(2) Carrie Underwood

Conference: Oklahoma Country Music Superstars

Who She Is: Country Music Superstar

Biggest Strength: Insane Pipes

Biggest Weakness: The Sound of Music Live Happened. Never forget.


fake miss oklahoma

(15) Fake Miss Oklahoma

Conference: FOX News Liars

Who She Is: Woman pretending to be Miss Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Fooled FOX News

Biggest Weakness: TV and the Internet Exist


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