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News on 6 is threatening to make a boring YouTube video go viral…

10:19 AM EST on December 17, 2013

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Excluding the depressing stuff from last May, it's been awhile since we've had a really good viral video come out of Oklahoma. We allegedly got close over the summer when some preacher from Skiatook went all angry football coach and chewed into his congregation, but calling that a video "viral" is a stretch. I'm Captain Internet and I didn't know it existed until about 5 minutes ago. It's only received about 700,000 views. That's less than the freakin' Santorum girls from Tulsa.

But don't worry, help is on the way. The viral video tastemakers at News 6 in Tulsa think they have a video that you're going to love. From the News 9 / News on 6 website:

Video Of Jenks Vice Principal Dancing Threatens To Go Viral

A video showing a Jenks vice principal busting a move to the most viral song of 2013 is threatening to go viral itself.

Eric Fox took a star turn during a performance of Jenks Public School administrators at a pep rally before the 6A state championship game. Fox took center stage dancing to "What Does The Fox Say?," a YouTube sensation performed by Norway's Ylvis.

We don't know if the local version is enough to replace Ylvis' number one spot on YouTube, but it was apparently enough to help Jenks beat Union for the state title.

Watch the video, and keep an eye out for Fox in the number 60 jersey.

Uhm, threatening to go viral? Show me on the doll how that happens. Was the video guarding a rhubarb patch or something? Let's check out this sure to be hysterical video that's threatening to go viral:

OMG, Y'all?!! Did u see that crazy bald man dancing!!!! Lulz. How hysterical! What a silly man! You would never think he would do that because he's bald and chubby and he's an ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, too. That's what makes it so funny!!! I bet his students like him. You can tell. They were all laughing and everything. I love that. The video should threaten to go VIRAL!!!!!!

Ooops, I accidentally channeled my inner lady who shops at Hobby Lobby and Michael's, probably works for News on 6, and/or has students that go to Jenks. Sorry about that.

Back to the post, that video should stop its threats immediately. It's not going viral. And if it does, go ahead and burn down the internet because it doesn't deserve the honor. It's about as funny and original as a Jay Leno monologue. It's just some grown man acting silly at school. It's amusing for a few seconds, but unless you go to Jenks or know the guy personally, there's nothing great about it. There are thousands of other videos on YouTube of people dancing. Hell, I think that's why the created YouTube in the first place. Who doesn't like to show off their moves?

Anyway, that video was a big let down. I do think Oklahoma is ready for a new A-list viral video. We got a tradition to uphold. Three of the most successful and influential viral video stars in history (Greyson Chance - Sweet Brown - Mike Gundy) are from this state. Hell, Sweet Brown was probably the last big one we had and that was in April of 2011. If you convert that over to Internet time you're looking at 15 years. Basically, we haven't had an Oklahoma viral video star since Bob Stoops last won a national title. That's depressing on many levels.

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