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Linda Cavanaugh and Mike Morgan shared their secrets to a successful marriage…

11:43 AM EST on November 22, 2013

mike morgan 5 alive

If you share a secret on a news channel, is it really a secret?

I ask because Linda Cavanaugh and Mike Morgan recently shared their secrets to a successful marriage on KFOR. They are experts in the field because they haven't divorced yet and Channel 4 needed a self-promotional sweeps story to pander to conservative married baby boomers from Edmond.

Here's the video:

So, apparently the secret to a successful marriage is having your husband cook dinner and /or sending the wife to work in a petting zoo. Who would have known it was that easy. Also, don't forget about the lavish family vacations. That's a must, especially if you are affluent, white and a local celebrity.

Overall, that was a pretty boring sweeps story. They should have sent Linda and Mike to police academy instead. Or better yet, had the entire Channel 4 news and weather team to play an epic match of laser tag. Admit it, that would be more entertaining than watching Paul Folger have a panic attack inside Pottery Barn. My money would have been on Galen Culver. His alias is Cowboy.

The only fun part of the report was seeing that Mike Morgan apparently took a Senior portrait when he was 22:

mike morgan senior photo

Also, I guess it gives me an excuse to post this picture of Marla Morgan from when she was a Miller Genuine Draft swimsuit model:

marla morgan

Hell, maybe Scott Hines next "In Your Corner" report should investigate how the hell Mike Morgan landed Marla?

Anyway, I'm glad November sweeps is almost over. I'm not sure how many more of these self-promotional news pieces I can handle. They are basically like infomercials, only worse. Pretty soon they are all going to be sponsored by Express Credit Auto.

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