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Some guy in a Skittles car crashed into an Oklahoma City home…

3:10 PM EDT on September 23, 2013

skittles car oklahoma city

Watch out for the rainbow of fruit flavors.

Yesterday afternoon, a man who may or may not have been on a ridiculous sugar high crashed his car into an Oklahoma City home. The wreck is notable because the driver really likes Skittles.


A car crashed into a home, narrowly missing some neighbors Sunday afternoon in northeast Oklahoma City.

Homeowner Jaroy McGruit said he came home and found a huge hole in his house near northeast 26th Street and Kelley Drive.

“Me and my wife went to a wedding at our church and (it) was just getting ready to start (when) our niece came in and told us someone had run into our house,” McGruit said.

McGruit said a sky blue-colored Chevrolet Caprice covered in rainbow “Skittles” candy logos was turning off Urban League Court when it smashed through his metal fence and his brick wall

If you're like me, you're probably thinking one thing right now: "Why couldn't that have been a Kool-Aid car!?!"

For irony's sake, wouldn't that have been awesome? Not only could I have thrown an "Oh Yeah!" into the headline, but everyone in the neighborhood probably would have received free Kool-Aid. Who doesn't like free Kool-Aid? Plus, the story would have made the national news. We need a national story to hit our state that doesn't involve tragedy and / or a man hiding in a septic tank.

So, why did Mr. Skittles crash into the house? Was he daydreaming about the superior taste of strawberry Starbursts?

The driver told first responders the vehicle's brakes failed, causing to car to careen through the yard into the home before coming to a stop in the garage.

"I spoke with the neighbors here, and they said that they were actually outside just a few feet away from the car coming in, so I think that we are very fortunate that no one got injured in this incident,” said Oklahoma City Fire Battalion Chief Felton Morgan.

McGruit’s dogs hid behind a fence also escaping injury.  Now he's unsure how to repair the damage the customized classic car left behind.

“You just don’t know what to say or what to do,” McGruit said.

I'll tell you what to do, Mr. McGruit. File an insurance claim and tell them what happened. When they're done laughing, they'll tell you how to properly handle the situation.

Anyway, we touched base on this back in April when we discovered the Fruit Loopsmobile, but I don't get the charm or allure these cars. Why bring this much attention to yourself? If you really like candy, just get a vanity tag that reads: DIABETES. I'd rather roll around in a PT Cruiser with racing stripes than a car with some high fructose corn syrup labeling on the side. Also, just wait until the Edmondites start doing this. You think Skittles cars are weird? Just wait until you get passed by a Nature's Valley Granola Murano on the Broadway Extension. Life may never be the same.

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