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2 Chainz is sorry or whatever for whatever happened in Oklahoma City or whatever…

11:25 AM EDT on September 12, 2013

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Three weeks after his highly publicized arrest in Oklahoma City for "obstructing justice," the rapper 2 Chainz sat down with MTV to discuss the incident. We know this thanks to the alert reporting of the state's most trusted news.


Rapper 2 Chainz, who was arrested along with ten other men on his tour bus by Oklahoma City police after an Aug. 21 concert at Chesapeake Energy Arena, apologized to Oklahoma City during a video interview with MTV.

My apologies to OKC or whatever and to the fans and to the people that actually missed my listening party in New York," said 2 Chainz, whose real name is Tauheed Epps.

Epps and the men on his tour bus were arrested on misdemeanor complaints of obstruction. Two semi-automatic pistols, a 12-gauge shotgun, prescription painkillers and marijuana residue were all found on the bus, according to papers filed in Oklahoma County District Court.

"I'm cold turkey on all criminal activities," Epps also said during the MTV interview.

When I first read this story, I just figured 2 Chainz was a flippant narcissistic

But then something happened.

I checked Twitter and noticed OSU fans, former players and Oklahoman sports writers were still complaining that Sports Illustrated's Thayer Evans allegedly took OSU player quotes out of context for the magazine's slam piece. Could the Oklahoman be doing the same thing? I decided to watch the entire MTV interview. I'm glad I did or whatever.

Check it out:

First of all, 2 Chainz has a chef on his bus? I knew I should have become a famous rapper instead of an obscure blogger. Maybe Josh Sallee will let me do a guest appearance on his next album. Here's a rhyme I just dropped, yo:

I'm Pat Da Man
With the Masta' Plan
If I can't do it no one can

I gots the hoes and I'm droppin Moles
while watching the nightly weather.
Over there in the corner listenin' to Foreigner
is Joleen Chaney dressed in leather.

Seriously, I may be onto something here. When I'm famous and on TV, you can tell your friends that you read Pattdaddy's blog.

Anyway, I still can't name you one of his songs, but I'm now a 2 Chainz fan. In the interview, he's really down to earth and appears to have a good sense of humor about the whole incident. Basically, he seems to be the exact opposite of how the Oklahoman portrays him. It's kind of interesting how one "out of context" quote can change the exact tone of an article or whatever.

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