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Oklahoma’s scariest white rapper has released another music video…

Back in March, we told you about the greatest white rapper in the world with an Oklahoma face tattoo. His name is Zero. The reason we wrote about Zero was to reinforce negative stereotypes of southeast Oklahoma City and show you his awesome music video called OK City. In case your therapist helped you block it from your memory, here it is:

Since we published Zero's music video on this site, it jumped from a few hundred to over 20,000 views. Inspired by the Ogle bump, Zero recently sent us a link to his newest video. It's called Grindin'. Check it out:

Pretty sweet, huh? Who doesn't want to watch Zero, J.C. and some dude in sunglasses serenade you with their tale of "Grindin'" from Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefner.  The whole Grindin' tale is a timeless story, really. Some guys want to smoke drugs and ride in a car, so they make up some rhymes about the color of the car and the drugs they like to smoke. A dude with a soul-patch walks along the Bricktown Canal, because... because screw you, that's why! Then they go to Lake Hefner and tell us about their drugs and car. Also, at Lake Hefner, I think J.C. is babysitting his little brother... maybe his son. I don't know. Anycrap, they tell us about drugs you can smoke and a car they like. Did I mention they also enjoy OKC? Because they do.

Actually, I like Grindin' a whole more than OK City. Here are a few reasons why:

1. This Guy

zeros friend

For a rap video to work, you need to random white dude who wants to be in Linkin Park singing and lurking in the shadows. This guy does that job pretty well. Also, doesn't he kind of resembled the Machete Man that was on the lose on Halloween?

2. It has a car with rimz.

Sure, it's not as catchy as "Black and Yellow" or "Ice Cream Paint Job," but hell, they're trying. They got props for this shoot.

3. They talk about drugs.

OK, Zero talked about drugs in his last video, too. But this time it doesn't take a backseat to towns around Oklahoma.

4. No parkour around Bricktown.

With the exception of Johnny Emo walking around in a black suit, this video is less active. Which is fine with me, I get motion sickness.

5. It has a black guy in it.

A rap video without a black dude is like a bluegrass band without an old man blowing into an empty moonshine jug.


Anyway, say what you want about Zero, his Posse, and his fondness for Civil War revolvers, but at least the guy loves Oklahoma City. Always support him and other local artists. And if you are one of Zero's fans, please send all death threats to @SpencerLenox.

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