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The Westboro Baptist Church follows Mary Fallin on Twitter…

2:10 PM EST on December 19, 2012

Because of their close proximity to Oklahoma, we get our fair share of Westboro Baptist Church "protests" here in the Sooner state. Since about 2009, our general policy at TLO has been to ignore the hate group. They do what they do for publicity and to create controversy, and by giving them the attention they crave and letting their actions upset you, you're basically falling into their trap and letting them win. As Dave Morris' hot wife would say, they're a more hateful, sick and religious version of us.

Anyway, consider this post a one-time exception to our policy. Earlier this week, Westboro's Twitter account was hijacked by the hacker group Anonymous. The hacktivists did things like post the personal information of Westboro members and link to a petition to have the church named a hate group. This heroic act by Anonymous alerted us to a couple of strange facts.

1. The Westboro Baptist Church (for some reason) has over 3,000 Twitter followers.

2. The Westboro Baptist Church follows 6 people on Twitter and (for some reason) one of them is Mary Fallin.

Here's a screen shot:

What an exclusive club! At least we're not the only people who see a lot of similarities between Sarah Palin and Mary Fallin.

Anyway, here's a bit of advice for Mary Fallin and her handlers: block the Westboro Baptist Church from following you on Twitter!!!

I know you don't condone or support any part of what they do — and they are following you and you're not following them — but it still makes you and our state look bad when people see that. They'll think we're a crazy state populated by insane socially conservative religious zealots. Okay, maybe we're already kind of like that, but we don't need to reinforce the negative stereotype.

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